Teaching the Seven Sacraments to Catholic Kids

Teaching Catholic kids about the seven sacraments of the Catholic church is a big job. There is so much to learn - books have been dedicated to it and they take up a large section of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. While that is too much for kids to know if they are just being introduced to the sacraments, there are still lots of great resources out there for learning about the sacraments in a fun and hands on way.

I've rounded up some resources, freebies, crafts, and videos that can be used to teach about each of the seven sacraments. At the end of the post, I'll share some resources if you are doing an overview or a review of all the sacraments.

I've also got a FREE Catholic Baptism Scrapbook for you. Scroll to the bottom of the post to get this freebie.

The crafts mentioned in this post are all crafts I wrote for Catechist magazine. I will link to each article with full directions.
A round up of crafts, products, freebies, videos and more for teaching the seven sacraments of the Catholic church

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Sacraments of Initiation


For the sacrament of Baptism, I've got two craft ideas for you (plus the freebie at the bottom of this post.)
Baptism banner that represents the important symbols of baptism

In the first one, students will create a banner that represents baptism. It will be a three dimensional banner that includes the important symbols of baptism - water, candle, oil and white garment. Find full directions here

cards welcoming the newly baptized into the church

The second craft is helping to welcome families and their children into the church. Students will create welcome cards that can be given to families after the baptism ceremony takes place. Find full directions here.


For Eucharist, I've got two craft ideas for you. One would be perfect for children preparing for their First Communion. The other craft could be for any grade level and just helps to show the connection between heaven and earth through communion.

First Communion banner with handprints

The first craft would be perfect as a keepsake banner. I love using handprints in artwork with kids to preserve how little those hands were at that moment in time. For this banner they will use their handprints to show them receiving Jesus. They can put the date of their First Communion or the year.  Find the full directions here.

Celebrating the Eucharist with the saints in Heaven craft

In this craft, students will draw (or cut and paste) their family and friends on earth that celebrate the Eucharist and those that are in heaven celebrating with us in the Heavenly Liturgy. Find the full directions here.

If you are preparing children for their First Communion, I've got the perfect tool for you. This First Communion Lapbook helps prepare students by teaching them about the institution of the Eucharist, the order, prayers and items of the Holy Mass, the actions you take when receiving, and preparing for the big day. 
First Communion Lapbook

Purchase the First Communion Lapbook


For confirmation I've got another two crafts for you. This could be done with students preparing for confirmation, in class or at a retreat.

Confirmation craft create a shield with the gifts of the Holy Spirit

The first craft is to create a shield that represents the gifts bestowed on them by the Holy Spirit. They could be as creative as they want in decorating these. It can also be a research project where they dig through scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church to learn more about confirmation and the gifts and the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Find the full directions here.

Confirmation craft all about the  Holy Spirit using a fire

The other confirmation craft focuses on the fire/flame as a representation of the Holy Spirit. Students can write words representing the sacrament in white crayon and then paint the flame with watercolors to create a crayon resist artwork. This could be displayed at the confirmation ceremony or at a retreat. Find the full directions here.

Sacraments of Healing

Penance & Reconciliation

To help learn about Reconciliation, I've got two craft ideas and I also have a lapbook that helps students prepare for the sacrament.
Create a clean heart with his Reconciliation craft

For this craft, kids see a physical model of their sins being wiped away. By using specific crayon colors and specific colored plastic over the top, they can see their sins disappear and be wiped clean - symbolizing their heart after going to confession. Find the full directions here.

Practice washing your sins clean by making soap in this Reconciliation craft
This other craft takes a little more time but could work for a retreat. Students will make soap as a reminder that they are washed clean in the sacrament of Reconciliation. They attach the Act of Contrition to help them learn the prayer. Find the full directions here.
Help your students prepare for the sacrament of reconciliation with this confession lapbook

This lapbook was designed to help students prepare for the sacrament of penance in an organized way. It includes the prayers, a basic outline of what to say, examination of conscience for kids, different picture options to be able to visualize the steps, and even a pocket to write the sins you want to say ahead of time. This helps eliminate so much stress of the unknown. To read more about what is included, check out my post all about the confession lapbook here.

Purchase the Confession Lapbook

Confession lego idea

Another fun way to explain this sacrament is through this building blocks (Lego) set. The Fr. John Hears Confession set allows students to build the confessional, complete with working light and practice the steps of confession. This set sells out and is sometimes hard to find. You might have to search it and find it on other websites. 

Anointing of the Sick

For anointing of the sick, I've included two crafts. Another great way to learn about this sacrament is if the kids see it in action. Maybe see if they can watch when this is done for someone who is sick or about to undergo surgery. 
Laying of hands craft for teaching about anointing of the sick

For this craft, students trace their hands in the motion of "laying on of the hands" and write the scripture passage where Jesus instructs his disciples to do this. Find the full directions here.

Create cards to give people who receive the sacrament of the healing of the sick

The other craft is to design prayer cards that could be given out to those who receive this sacrament at your church. Just a thoughtful way of letting them know the parish and the students are praying for them. Find the full directions here.

Sacraments of Service


This can be a tricky sacrament to teach children about, as it isn't one they will receive as a child. Ideally, they all have parents modeling this sacrament to them every day, but we know that isn't always the case. 
Pray for marriages with this heart themed craft for the sacrament of matrimony

In this craft, students create a heart out of tissue paper. I love hanging these up in the window because they give off a stained glass effect. On it, they will add post it notes of married couples that they can pray for. Find the full directions here.

Help teach about the sacrament of matrimony and putting Jesus in the middle of your marriage with this craft

This craft helps to show the importance of putting God first in your marriage. The little model that students make, helps them to see that the closer the man and woman grow to God, the closer they grow to each other. Find the full directions here.

Holy Orders

Help teach about the sacrament of matrimony and putting Jesus in the middle of your marriage with this craft

This is a great way to pray for priests. They will make holy cards for priests they know. These can almost be like baseball trading cards that they keep somewhere that they will see it regularly and remember to prayer for their priests. Find the full directions here.

Learn about Holy Orders with this priest themed card that can be used to thank a priest

This craft is all about creating a cute card to give to your priest to let them know of your prayers and thanks for all that they do.Find the full directions here.

Reviewing all 7 of the Sacraments 

Once you have taught about all the sacraments individually, or if you just want an overview of each sacrament, check out these resources and ideas.

Seven Sacraments Mini Book

Review all seven of the sacraments of the Catholic church with this mini book

This mini book includes two different styles - a simple color, cut and staple version and a little more time consuming accordion style book. Both include pictures of items used in each of the sacraments. Purchase this mini book HERE

Catholic Sacraments Lapbook

Learn about all of the 7 Sacraments of the Catholic Church with this hands on resource

This lapbook includes several different versions so it can be used as an introduction for younger students, but older students can use it and write in their knowledge and research about each sacrament. There is a mini flipbook for each sacrament that helps explain the matter and form of the sacrament. At the end, students will complete one of two sorting activities that is included. To read more about this, check out my post about Sacraments Lapbook for Catholic Kids HERE.

7 Sacraments Sort Freebie

Download this FREE seven sacraments sorting activity
This freebie has pictures to represent each of the seven sacraments. Students will sort them into the correct sacrament. They could glue these on and it is a one and done type activity. Or you could laminate it and they could do it over and over again as a center activity. 

Catholic Sacrament Videos

The following videos are found on YouTube and serve as good overviews for the sacraments.

In this video, Jared Dees from The Religion Teacher, gives an overview of the sacraments.

This video is a two minute song. It is catchy and has hand motions and would be a great way to help students memorize the sacraments.

This one is a quick overview of the sacraments in 2 minutes with drawings and sketches.

This last one is a little bit longer but is narrated by a child and goes through each of the sacraments and talks about the form and the matter for each one.

Free Catholic Baptism Scrapbook

Download your FREE Catholic Baptism Scrapbook to help students learn all about this special sacrament and how theirs was celebrated
Looking for a way to help teach about baptism in your class? Grab this free Catholic Baptism Scrapbook. Just enter your name and email into the form below, and it will be automatically emailed to you. This includes directions for how to assemble and a variety of pages that students fill out with their parents all about their baptism, who was there, who their godparents are, how they celebrated and how they continue to celebrate each year.