Bulletin Boards for the Catholic Classroom

Preview: Catholic bulletin boards designed to save teachers time and money! A different board for each month of the year, all with a Catholic theme. Perfect for any Catholic classroom. 

Creating bulletin boards was one of my least favorite things in the classroom. They took time and I had awkwardly placed boards that meant standing on countertops to change them. I often tried to use bulletin boards that could be left up all year long. 

I know how time-consuming it can be to think of ideas for bulletin boards, gather the supplies, and then hang the board. I've also seen lots of Catholic school teachers in groups I belong to ask for ideas for different liturgical seasons or holidays. I wanted to solve this pain point for Catholic teachers by creating easy to use bulletin board sets.

My digital bulletin boards allow Catholic teachers to purchase and download the files instantly. Then they can print, cut and hang. The ideas are done for them, the title is thought of, the activity for the kids is created. Just print, cut and hang. 

I wanted to try to create at least one bulletin board idea for each month to allow a teacher or school the option to switch the board out monthly. 

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What comes in a bulletin board kit?

All of my kits are completely digital, which means you download them and print them out at home or in your classroom. No physical product is shipped. While this means it might take a little more time to assemble, it also means it is cheaper in the long run.

All of my bulletin board sets include:

  • step-by-step directions for how to assemble
  • printing suggestions
  • PNG (picture) files if you want to cut on a digital machine (like a Silhouetter or Cricut)
  • printable letters for the title in different sizes and colors
  • Any extra printables that go with that board, in different sizes when possible
They do NOT include:
  • all letters of the alphabet so you can make other phrases
  • background paper
  • borders
If you want to find the same borders and paper I use, I've linked them all in my Amazon store front

Supplies Needed to Create Bulletin Boards

I'm always going to tell you to use what you have. My bulletin board kits can have a whole different look depending on what color paper you use, what background paper you use, what borders you add, etc. You can personalize these and make them fit your style and color scheme. 

But if you are like me, once you see an idea, that is what you have in your head, and you want to match it, colors and everything. If that is you, I've created a section in my Amazon storefront of bulletin board products. This included borders you will see in some of these pictures, the paper I print on, the printer I use, etc. Again, you could use what you have or find some things at a local craft store or teacher supply store, but I'll link to my favorite supplies in case it is helpful to you.

What size bulletin board are these for?

Bulletin boards vary so much in size and orientation. There is no standard which makes it tricky. I design my bulletin board sets to be as easy as possible to use no matter what size board you have. Most of my sets include the title letters in different sizes. I also include directions for how to adjust the sizing if you need them smaller or bigger.

You may need to print a few pages as a sample to determine the best size for your board. You could also use these bulletin board sets to decorate your door instead of a bulletin board. Just adjust the size when you print to make it fit.

Do I need a digital cutting machine?

No! These are all designed to be cut by hand. That means it takes a little time, but I like to print them all out and watch something on Netflix while I cut letters. I also try to choose fonts that are generally simple to cut. I keep the cursive fonts to a minimum (though they are so pretty and fun to use sometimes.) And even though I cut them out letter by letter, I've seen several teachers just print them out and use the whole page and not even cut each letter out. Whatever works for you!

That said, I do include PNG files of the letters and shapes so you could use a Silhouette or Cricut to cut the letters if you want. Someone reached out and asked if my free bulletin board sets included PNG files and I never thought of it. I made sure to add them to these Catholic Bulletin Board Sets in case you are someone who would prefer that option. I DO NOT include specific directions on how to use the machines as they all vary. But if you know how to use them, and prefer that method, the files are available for you.

Catholic Bulletin Boards for the Year

My plan when designing these bulletin boards was to first create one per month if a teacher wants to change in out that often. Once that initial set is complete and bundled, I will add other options, but my focus for now is one for each month. Here is what we have so far:

Light of the World Catholic Bulletin Board

Light of the world bulletin boards for Catholic classrooms and doors
When I designed this light of the world bulletin board, I thought of it for beginning of the year/back to school time. You can personalize the lightbulbs, so I thought it would be fun to put student names on them to welcome your students to your classroom. And because it isn't super back to school looking - you could leave it up for awhile in your classroom. 

Purchase Light of the World Bulletin Board HERE

Catholic Prayer Bulletin Board

Teach your students different ways to pray with this interactive Catholic prayer bulletin board
This Catholic Prayer bulletin board derailed my monthly bulletin board plan for awhile. I had this vision and it became a more involved bulletin board than the others. It includes way more and isn't really meant to be a monthly board. It is designed to be an interactive board that is used in your classroom, prayer corner or hallway all year long. 

I did a more in depth post all about it, so you can see everything that is included, but basically you teach your students how to pray vocal/memorized prayer, the Rosary, prayers of petition, intercession and thanksgiving and pray with scripture.

Depending on the age of your students, you could pray together and pick a different way each day. Or you could teach or review each way and then let students interact and pray using the board independently.

Purchase Catholic Prayer Bulletin Board HERE

Catholic Saints Bulletin Board

Celebrate the Catholic Saints with this printable bulletin board set

The Catholic Saints bulletin board is designed for November and All Saints Day...but it doesn't have to be. You could teach about the saints all year long and add to the board.
Decorate your own saint bulletin board set

For this board, students will research a saint and decorate the blank template to look like their saint. Depending on the age of your students, you could just stop there and hang the pictures.

Catholic saint mini report bulletin board

Or you could have older students use this as a research project and have them create the saint, but then also fill out the "report" pages about them. Staple it behind the saint so it is like a flipbook that everyone can look through on the bulletin board.

Christmas Bulletin Board - Happy Birthday Jesus

Help your students learn about Christmas by having them write what their gift to Jesus would be.
For the month of December, I've created a Christmas board focused on Jesus' birthday. Children will create a pile of gifts for him. Under the gift they will write about the best present they could give Jesus. 

Birthday gift for Jesus

I've included different styles of writing paper so that this activity is perfect for all ages. Younger students can draw pictures while older students can write and draw. 
Birthday gift for Jesus

Catholic Schools Week Bulletin Board

Celebrate Catholic Schools Week with this printable bulletin board set

Catholic Schools Week generally happens at the end of January, so I've made that the theme of this bulletin board. Students will write about what they love about their Catholic school and those pages are displayed on the board. There is also a printable school that you can personalize with your school's name. 
Catholic schools week banner

A banner is also included to decorate the top of the board with the words: parish, faculty, volunteers, community, staff, students, nation, vocations, families, faith, excellence, service.

Different writing paper for Catholic schools week

Different styles of writing paper are included to make this activity accessible for all ages.

Valentine's Day Catholic Bulletin Board

Celebrate Valentine's Day with this printable Catholic Bulletin Board Set
I included this bulletin board for February because of the tie to love. And I made the decorations hearts. But the scripture verse itself is the Great Commandment and really could be used all year long or as your classroom theme or motto.

Just print and hang the title and then have students decorate the heart templates to display around the board. I suggest rip art in the directions. It is great for building fine motor skills and gives it a great texture. You could also paint the hearts, color the hearts or write student names in the hearts.

Lenten Promise Catholic Bulletin Board

Have your students focus on prayer, fasting and almsgiving with this printable Catholic bulletin board
Depending on when Easter falls each year, this Lent bulletin board would be perfect for February, March or April. This board is all about helping students create a Lenten promise in the areas of prayer, fasting, almsgiving. 

Lent bulletin board for kids

Students will write what they are going to do during Lent on the circle flaps. I've also included little posters that explain and give examples for prayer, fasting and almsgiving for kids. 
Prayer, fasting, almsgiving bulletin board

Purchase Catholic Lent Bulletin Board HERE

Easter Catholic Bulletin Board

Celebrate Easter with this fun religious bulletin board  - Jesus Christ is risen today! Alleluia!
This board is all about celebrating Easter and our risen Lord! Also, if you "bury the Alleluia" before Lent each year, this is a great way to have your students add the Alleluia back. They can each decorate their own Alleluia sign to decorate.
Celebrate our risen Lord with an empty tomb on this Easter bulletin board

I've included directions (but not materials) for adding an empty tomb to the bulletin board. 

Have students create handprint lilies for this Easter bulletin board to celebrate Jesus Christ!
I've also included directions with pictures (but not materials) for making handprint lilies to hang on the board. You will need white or pink paper, scissors, pencil, clear tape, green pipe cleaners and yellow pipe cleaners.

Mary Garden Catholic Bulletin Board

Create a Mary Garden Bulletin Board with this printable set. Perfect to honor Mary in the month of May!
Perfect for the month of May (the month of Mary) is a Mary Garden bulletin board. With this set, you will create a paper flower garden to honor Mary. The phrase "Hail Mary, Full of Grace" is included in multiple sizes and with black or white letters.

Mary Garden bulletin board
I've included printable clouds and you can make your own sun if you have space on your board. I also included a grass border at the bottom that I found on Amazon. You could also make one with green paper.  
Mary Garden bulletin board

I've also included a printable Mary statue for the garden. As I was researching flowers for a Mary Garden, I learned there were SO MANY options. In this product, I included just 12. There are flowers in multiple sizes with a small blurb explaining the connection to Mary and potential colors the flower could be.

Mary Garden bulletin board

This would make a great bulletin board or even door decoration for the spring.

Pentecost/Confirmation Catholic Bulletin Board

Holy Spirit bulletin board that is perfect for Pentecost or the sacrament of Confirmation!
This bulletin board is perfect for Pentecost and learning about the Holy Spirit coming to the Apostles. It could also be used during the Sacrament of Confirmation. You could easily decorate a bulletin board in your classroom, hallway or church. 
Fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit bulletin board border
I've included a printable border in this set. It has the Catholic fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit in clip art form to decorate the perimeter of the bulletin board.

Filled with the Holy Spirit bulletin board
Students will make their own flame by tracing their hands on red, yellow, and orange paper and then attaching the Come Holy Spirit card.
Handprint fire for the Holy Spirit

Purchase Pentecost/Confirmation Bulletin Board HERE

Student Names Catholic Bulletin Board

Use student names to decorate this scripture verse. Perfect for back to school for a Catholic classroom.
I love this bulletin board because it celebrates each student's name. It is perfect to create during the first week of school as a back to school bulletin board. But it could easily be left up all year round!! I displayed student names like this in my classroom for the whole school year. 

Student names printable Catholic bulletin board
Letters in different sizes and colors are included along with directions on how to make those student names POP on that black paper.

Bee Quote Catholic Bulletin Board

This bee quote serves as a reminder that we can all serve others. Perfect printable bulletin board set for a Catholic classroom!
I love this quote about bees and it is a great lead into a discussion about service and laboring for others. On this board students create a bee to decorate the board. Depending on the size of the bee and the age of the students, they could write how they can labor for others at home, at school or in their community.

Bee Quote for Catholic Bulletin Boards

Catholic Bulletin Board Bundle NOW COMPLETE

And now there are 12 bulletin board sets complete! That means if you buy the bundle, not only do you save money over buying each bulletin board set separately, but you also have a bulletin board ready to go for each month of the year.
12 downloadable, printable bulletin board sets to decorate your Catholic classroom all year long. Click to find out more!

Some of the boards you might want to leave up for the whole school year. Other boards you might just want to leave up to celebrate a day, month or season in the liturgical calendar.