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Cinderella Videos on YouTube

Comparing versions of Cinderella is one of my favorite ways to teach text to text connections in the classroom.  Digging into different versions of the same story allows students to analyze the differences and similarities in characters, setting, problem, solution and more.  Sharing picture books is one of my favorite ways to do this (check out my Ten Favorite Versions of Cinderella), but sometimes you can't get your hands on the version you want.  Enter YouTube!!  There are several different versions of Cinderella read aloud on YouTube that you can share with your students for free.  Check out a few of the options below!  

Check out YouTube for a variety of versions of Cinderella read aloud. Here is a list of 10 different versions.  I think Number 9 is my favorite!

10 Different Versions of Cinderella

the world is a great way for children to compare and contrast different text. Here's 10 different versions of Cinderella.
There are so many different versions of Cinderella out there.  Many countries and cultures have their own version of the familiar story.  Because there are so many different versions, it makes it perfect to use when studying text to text connections.  Students can compare the different versions and determine what is the same and what is different.  Here are some of our favorite versions of Cinderella.  

Cutting Box for Fine Motor Skills

Setting up a cutting box is a great way to have fine motor cutting practice for kids.
My girls love cutting #allthethings.  They are constantly asking for scissors.  My 2 year old is still trying to figure out how to hold them and get them to cut but she loves making little snips in any piece of paper she can find.  Because of their obsession with cutting, I decided to make them a cutting box to practice their fine motor skills.

On the Farm Preschool Fun

 We had so much fun with farm week at our house.  It actually turned into two weeks because we just loved all of the farm learning fun we were having.  I've blogged about some of the activities that we did this week, but I wanted to focus on the resources we used that were part of my Farm Preschool Unit.

Farm preschool unit with hands on math, literacy and sensory learning fun!

Animal Habitat Sort

 As part of our farm unit I wanted to do a sort of animals by where they lived.  I thought it would be something both my 2 year old and 4 year old would be able to complete on a different level.  They had a lot of fun  with our animal habitat sort and it was an easy set up activity for me.
An animal habitat sort is a fun way to practice animals that live on a farm and animals that live in other places.

Farm Alphabet Match

 We are loving our farm unit at our house.  We've had so much fun reading farm books and learning to graph using farm animals.  Most of the activities are things both my 2 and 4 year old can work on, but this Farm Alphabet Match was something I made just for my 4 year old.  I wanted her to practice matching upper and lowercase letters in a fun way.Free farm themed alphabet match game printables.  Great way to practice matching upper and lowercase letters.

Count and Graph on the Farm

During our farm unit, I wanted to introduce some basic graphing.  We've practiced counting before but we've never tried graphing that information.  I created 5 different versions of count and graph on the farm to give us lots of practice.  Each version includes a farm scene with different animals scattered around the farm and a matching count and graph sheet.

Farm counting and graphing is a fun introduction to graphing for preschoolers.  Grab your freebie now!
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