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Scripture Rocks

I'm sharing another idea on Today's Catholic Teacher website today. Have you ever tried scripture rocks? This is a fun way to engage your students while having them look up different Bible verses. I love that this can be an outdoor activity - picture a nice, quiet courtyard with students searching for hidden rocks, then sitting with their Bibles and reading the passage on their rock. It could also be used indoors in a sensory bin, center or whole group setting. There are so many different ways to use this once you have your rocks set up.  Check out MY POST to get the list of supplies and instructions, as well as ideas for using these with your students. 
Scripture Rocks are a fun way to get students using their Bibles and looking up chapter and verse by themselves. It makes a great addition to prayer life and can be used outdoors or indoors!

Sensory Bins for the Whole Year

Sensory bins are one of my favorite activities for young learners. It is so important for them to explore different textures and work on building those muscles in their little hands. Sensory bins can be used for so many different skills: fine motor, sorting, building, imaginative play, letter practice, number practice, dumping/pouring and more. I put together a list of sensory bins that you can use throughout the year. I broke them down into seasons and then at the end added bins that could be used anytime. These are all bins I've blogged about before, but now they are in one spot for your convenience.
Ideas for using sensory bins throughout the year. Includes bins for fall, winter, spring, summer and bins you can use all year long with toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Alphabet Practice Pages

A few summers ago, I created my summer reviews for the kids I was tutoring at the time. I posted them to my TpT store shortly after. The reviews are just that - reviews of topics covered throughout the school year, not a comprehensive list of everything covered. Because of this, I only included certain letters in my alphabet practice for prek and kindergarten, just like I only included certain sight words for my first and second grade packets. I had a few people request all of the letters, so I combined all of the ABC pages that I used in my summer reviews into one big bundle of alphabet practice pages. Take a look at what is included. 
ABC printable pages make a quick and easy way to practice the alphabet. 4 different versions to make practicing upper and lowercase letter more fun!

Sensory Bin for Bigger Kids

One of my favorite gifts to give the little ones in our life is a ready to go sensory bin. I blogged about making a toddler version as a gift here and it continues to be one of my favorite gifts to give because it is unique, yet educational but kids just think it is so fun. I was asked recently if you could make them for older kids - like a 6 year old. At first I thought, well sensory bins are usually for toddlers and preschoolers but the more I thought about it, I realized of course you could make one for older kids. I used a lot of the same ideas for the sensory fillers but then took it up a notch with alphabet, number, vowel and sight word practice. 
Sensory Bins for big kids is a great gift idea to bring sensory activities to kids in kindergarten and older. Combine it with some letter, number and sight word practice for an extra educational boost!

Telling Time Task Cards

Telling time is one of those math skills that requires a lot of practice for students to master it successfully. Telling time task cards are a great way to reinforce that skill. Task cards can be used as review, preview, assessment, practice, homework and more. QR codes take these task cards to another level with engagement as students can scan the codes to check their answers. Such an engaging math center to practice an important skill!
Telling time activities for first and second grade. Use these Task Cards to practice time to the hour and half hour and the nearest 5 minutes. QR Codes included!

Garden Sensory Bin

With the warmer weather upon us, it is time to move our sensory play outdoors! I've had this idea for a sensory bin for the past few years as I watch my girls' love of flowers and the garden grow more each year. They love helping but it can often make a mess and they just want to pick the flowers that we've planted. Like they can not stop themselves from picking the flowers in the yard. They will tell me they were already on the ground and that's why they picked them. Haha! To fix this little problem, I decided to make them their own Garden Sensory Bin that they could play with and rearrange and pick until their hearts were content. And of course, I had to throw a little academics in there with alphabet and sight word review.
Love this cute Garden Sensory bin for preschool or even toddlers. Such a fun way to build fine motor and sensory skills while playing with flowers. 

Sight Word Activites

Sight word practice is never ending. There are so many different Sight Word Activities to practice and students need that practice. Over. And over. And over. It is important for students to practice in all different ways. I've made it easy for you today by putting many of our sight word posts, all in one spot. Scroll down and find ones that interests you. There is a balance of printables and hands on ideas.
Love this list of sight word activities for teaching and practicing sight words. A good mix of printables and hands on activities. This is awesome for kindergarten, first grade and second grade.
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