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Printable Teacher Sticky Notes

Preview: Check out these CUTE printable sticky note templates designed just for teachers. Great idea for motivating students. Download your free Printable Teacher Sticky Notes now.

Have you ever tried printing on sticky notes? It is AWESOME and so so easy. I used this technique to make a number sequencing game that was so easy to prep. Once you've learned this technique, the possibilities are endless. 

I made these printable teacher sticky notes for teachers to use for a variety of reasons - motivate students, easy thank you notes, inspire and thank co-workers, etc. There are so many possibilities and the best part is this is FREE!! Plus, I show you in this post (and in the freebie) how to set these up for printing.
Printable sticky notes for teachers

Learning Colors Memory Game

Preview: Make learning colors more fun with this free printable memory matching game. Perfect game for toddlers, preschool, kindergarten or even ESL students.

Are you ready to work on learning colors or matching colors? Playing Learning Colors Memory Game is the perfect way for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners to work on learning the colors, matching them and learning how to spell the color words. Keep reading to see how to use this FREEBIE!

Learning Colors Memory Card Game

Pentecost Stained Glass Craft

With Pentecost approaching, I wrote an exclusive craft for Today's Catholic Teacher website. This is a fun stained glass craft that would be perfect hanging in a window and letting the light shine through it. I love doing stained glass crafts like this using tissue paper. They are always so pretty and bright next to the bold black outline. Teach your students about Pentecost and the coming of the Holy Spirit with this flame craft.
Tissue paper stained glass flame craft

Free Editable Sight Word Cards

Preview: Free editable sight word cards make games like memory and go fish easier to play, personalize and differentiate. Grab your set now!

Make practicing sight words more fun with these editable sight word cards. You pick the words that you want on the cards (hello differentiation) and the cards are automatically created. Then those cards can be used in so many different ways - flash cards, memory games, go fish, etc.

The sky is the limit when it comes to these cards. You could also add vocabulary words, foreign language words, names, word families and more. Follow the simple steps below to make this freebie work for you and your students!
Editable sight word cards

Alphabet Match Flower Sensory Bin

Preview: Alphabet match flower sensory bin is  the perfect spring activity to practice letter identification, matching and beginning sounds. Ideal for preschool and kindergarten.

It was time to update our sensory bin from our Alphabet Match Sensory Bin with Easter Eggs, to something else with a spring theme. I decided to make it easy on myself and keep the green Easter grass as our base.

I made some flowers with uppercase letters, lowercase letters and beginning sounds pictures on them for a different kind of alphabet match flower sensory bin. This bin not only works on letter identification, but it is also great for fine motor practice thanks to the clothespins. 

Keep reading to find out all the supplies you need, how to set the bin up and play with it, plus grab your free alphabet flowers.
Alphabet match flower sensory bin

Ten Frame Game More and Less

Preview: This ten frame game to practice more and less is perfect to work on number sense in kindergarten. Ideal for working on subitizing and introduction to addition and subtraction.

Working with ten frames and learning to subitize is a critical skill for building number sense in preschool and kindergarten. My daughter's class has been working on this throughout the year, but they recently started asking the questions, "What would 2 more be?" and "What would 2 less be?" 

To help her work on this skill, I made this Bug Themed Ten Frame Game More and Less. It works on two more and two less for numbers 1-20, but it also has the option to write in any number for the more and less part so you can adapt it to the needs of your students. This was perfect after reading some of our new favorite bug books this week.
This ten frame game to practice more and less is perfect to work on number sense in kindergarten. Ideal for working on subitizing and introduction to addition and subtraction.

Ten Bug Books Your Kids Will Love

Preview: 10 Bug books your kids will love

As spring approaches, do you have a bug lover who would love to get their hands on some new bug books? I've got ten bug books your kids will love. From abc books, to poetry books, to silly fiction books and board books, we've found something for everyone.
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