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What on Earth is a Brag Tag?

What are brag tags you ask?  See some FAQs about brag tags and my answers to help you get started at implementing this behavior management system.  Get tips for how to use them, storage ideas and different types to use in the classroom.

Have you seen the pictures floating around Pinterest?  Maybe you've heard people on Instagram going on about brag tags.  But you just keep thinking, what on earth is a brag tag?  What does that mean and what are they for?  Let me help explain.

Balancing Apples On Top

A cute way to tie in Ten Apples Up on Top with some gross motor and balance practice for toddlers!  Balancing apples plus a free appleseed counting activity is perfect for young kids to try in the fall.

Apple season is coming up soon so I grabbed a new (to my girls) apple book and came up with some gross motor fun for them.  It was an added bonus that we worked on counting and patterns too!

More Printable Quotes to Keep You Going

Sometimes you just need some positive motivational quotes to get you going.  Here are 3 free printable quotes for you!

I love, love, love quotes and wanted to share a few more FREE printable quotes with you today.  If you are looking for more, you can check out my first set of motivational quotes HERE.

Classroom Decor Ideas That Won't Break the Bank

10 great ideas to decorate your classroom and save money.  Having a cute classroom doesn't have to be expensive.  Some fun ways to DIY your classroom decor.

There are so many ways to decorate your classroom but it can get expensive...fast.  Pinterest has been an amazing tool to share ideas but it makes it even harder because you want to have this perfect Pinterest classroom, but how do you do that on a budget?  I've rounded up some ideas for you that can help decorate your classroom, without breaking the bank.

Practicing Sight Words Outside

Here are 3 easy ways to make practicing sight words fun, hands on and best of all, an outside activity!  You can do these in the classroom/playground or at home.
Practicing sight words doesn't have to just be reserved for inside or in a classroom.  Make practicing sight words fun by moving the practice outside.  You can do this with your students or do it with your own children at home during the summer.  Here are three quick ways you can practice outside.

Winner Wednesday - Brag Tags

Brag tags are a great classroom management technique that focuses on positive reinforcement.  This Christian brag tag set is perfect for a Christian classroom, VBS, Sunday School or even homeschool.  Comes in color and in black and white!

It is August already?!  What happened to the summer?  It is quickly coming to a close but the first Wednesday of the month means Winner Wednesday.  If you want to join us next month in blogging about a favorite product of yours and then giving it away to a lucky reader, click HERE to find all the info you need.  

Today I am giving away my newest product, Christian Brag Tags.  I created Catholic brag tags for my religious education class last year and absolutely loved it.  I got rid of my treasure box and haven't looked back.  Brag tags are a classroom management technique that focuses on positive reinforcement for appropriate classroom behavior.

Free Name Brag Tags

Such a cute way to start the year in your classroom with brag tags. This freebie includes editable brag tags in 12 different styles to be used as a nametag for the first tag on your students' necklaces.

Brag tags were a huge game changer for me last year when I implemented them in my after school religious education classroom.  I went from dumping money into a treasure box to having students with fabulous behavior, just because they wanted to earn a tag for their necklace.  It saved me so much time and money and it was fun!  You can read more about how I used them HERE.  Every student started the year off with one tag on their necklace, a name tag.  I created a boy and girl label and added each student's name.  That way, if anyone every lost their necklace or got it mixed up with someone else, we would know who the necklace belonged to.

I've made my name brag tag a freebie for you.  It includes 6 different girls and 6 different boys.  These are editable so you can type your students' names in using any font and size you want using Adobe.  You can also just print them out and write on the white rectangle if you prefer.  My brag tags are about 1 1/2" x 2."

To grab your free editable name brag tags, click HERE.
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