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Teaching the Great Commandment

Recently I started writing guest blog posts for CatholicTeacher.com and I figured I would share them here so you can make sure to check them out each month.  This month, I shared a craft where students create a mini Bible.  Inside the Bible they have to unscramble the words to the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:37) and glue them down in the correct order.  This gives them a little resource tool to practice memorizing and hopefully living out the Great Commandment.
The Great Commandment craft for kids

If you are interested in the step by step directions along with the free printable, head over to check out the post now.  

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Teacher appreciation week is coming soon and I've got some gift ideas for the teachers in your life. As a teacher I was always sort of embarrassed to be put in the spotlight for that week, but it was so nice to know that our parents, students, PTO and school community appreciated us. Teaching is a hard job and it is always nice to get recognition for what you do every day. When I was in the classroom I got everything from handmade cards and gifts (so so sweet), to flowers, to snacks throughout the day, to mini massages at lunch, to lunch provided by PTO, to gift certificates, to group gifts and more. I came up with some gift basket ideas that would make fun teacher gifts but the same cards could also be paired with a gift card. I know some people don't like giving gift cards or think they aren't personal, but I always loved getting gift cards as gifts when I taught. It was nice to be able to spend those cards on myself or my family with no guilt or worry about the budget. Would any of the teachers in your life love these gifts? Make sure you download the free tags at the bottom if you want to create your own gift baskets.
Teacher appreciation gift ideas plus free printable cards.  Perfect for teacher appreciation week or the end of the school year.

Task Cards All Year Long

It is no secret that I LOVE task cards.  There are so many different ways to use them in the classroom.  Not sure what a task card is?  Check out some FAQs about task cards here.  I love creating seasonal task cards that you can change out each month.  While they are fun to have, it is even better to have them for the entire year!  And you know the best way to save money, right?  Buy a bundle! Check out these three task card bundles so you can have seasonal learning all year long.  

Year Long Literacy Task Card Bundle

Literacy task card bundle for the whole year includes holidays and seasons celebrated during the school year. Great way to review parts of speech, abc order, sight words and more!

Unicorn Sensory Bin

Since my girls are all about unicorns right now, we decided to do a unicorn sensory bin after we read some of our favorite unicorn books. I wanted it to be a magical bin where they could just extend their play of their plastic unicorns, but I also wanted some academic elements, too. To make this happen, I decided to add letters to the bin. With little sister (3) we worked on identifying letters.  With big sister (5) we worked on letter sounds.

Unicorn sensory bin with colored cloud dough. Perfect for fine motor and alphabet practice for toddlers and preschoolers.

Unicorn Picture Books

After being gifted a set of My Little Pony characters and book, my girls have been on a unicorn kick lately. We headed to the library and rounded up all the unicorn picture books we could find. Here are 10 of our favorite unicorn books.
10 of our favorite unicorn picture books

Earth Day Mini Book

Earth Day is coming up! The perfect time to teach children about recycling, pollution, taking care of our environment, etc. And then they can go home and nag their parents every time the water is running!! Ha. My daughter started doing this after reading a book at school that talked about not wasting water. Now every time the water is getting hot to wash dishes she or her little sister tell me to stop wasting water! The beauty in that is that our students are sponges when it comes to this topic and so quick to understand how we can help take care of the Earth. Hopefully, if we start them young, the Earth will be better taken care of when they are adults. I made a short Earth Day mini book that would be perfect as you discuss Earth Day and even as a follow up to any book on the topic.
Free Earth Day mini book! The perfect writing activity for kindergarten and older.

Free Holy Week Matching Card Game

As Easter approaches, we are continuing to retell the story of Holy Week and the story of Easter. While this isn't always the easiest story to tell young children, it is important that they know what Easter is all about. To help my daughter understand the events of Holy Week, I made a matching card game to practice sequencing the events.
Free Holy Week matching card game to help children learn about and sequence the events leading up to Easter Sunday.

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