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Pirate Counting I Spy

We've been having fun with all things pirates this week!  We read through a stack of Pirate Picture Books. Then we worked on some counting practice with X Marks the Spot Counting Puzzles. Next up was some Pirate Counting I Spy Cards. We grabbed the neighbor and some pirate costumes for fun and then practiced our counting skills.  
Pirate I Spy cards are fun counting practice for kids. I love that there is a free printable!

Pirate Themed Number Puzzles

We are all about pirates this week and have a fun X Marks the Spot -  Pirate Themed Number Puzzle FREEBIE for you today. After reading some of our favorite pirate books, it was time to practice writing and counting numbers up to 20. Of course, we had to do this with a pirate theme to make it even more fun. Pirates, treasure, ships, palm trees, parrots and more all made these puzzles more engaging.  
Free printable pirate counting puzzles make the perfect math center for number counting fun!
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Pirate Picture Books

We are all about themed weeks and this week the focus is pirates!  I wanted to find some good Pirate Picture Books that were not too violent or scary.  We headed to the library to grab a huge stack of books.  Here are 10 of our favorite pirate picture books.  Do you have a favorite to add to the list?
10 Pirate picture books for kids

The Mass Box Review

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When I was first contacted to write a review for The Mass Box, I was SO excited. Just days before that I had learned about Hello Bible, which provides a monthly box with a Bible story and craft for kids. I loved the concept (monthly subscription) and then I heard about The Mass Box which is the same idea only the crafts and readings go along with the liturgical year so they are the readings the kids would be hearing at church. A Catholic subscription box that helps my kids to understand what they are hearing in Mass through a cute and quick craft, ummm yes please!  Sign us up.  My girls love crafts and I am always looking for ways to teach them about the faith that are at their level yet meaningful.
An honest review and giveaway of The Mass Box which provides a monthly subscription box for families that includes crafts that go along with the Sunday readings used during the Catholic Mass

Catholic Mini Accordion Books

 After the popularity of my 12 Apostles Mini Book, I knew I wanted to create a whole series of mini books that teach young learners the Catholic faith. I quickly set to work but I didn't want you to have to wait until I was completely finished before you started using these, so I created a Catholic Mini Book Growing Bundle.  A growing bundle means that some of the items are finished but it will continue to grow as new products are added to it.  The best part is that you get the price that it is now but still get all of the other books as they are added with no additional cost.  The price goes up every time a new book is added.  This is such a fun, hands on way to bring the faith down to a simple level for children.  Plus, it gives children an awesome set of mini resources that they can refer back to often.
Catholic mini book bundle is the perfect printable activity for kids to teach them about the Catholic faith, the Bible, Jesus and more!

Sight Word Rocks

With the weather getting warmer, my mind instantly turns to ways to take learning outdoors. I thought of this fun way to use rocks to practice sight words and it would make the perfect activity to play outside. The great part about it is that really you could use it inside or outside all year round.  It is an easy activity to make and relatively inexpensive (practically free if you can collect your own rocks). Sight word rocks would be a great literacy or word work center but keep reading because I've got several other ways that you can use these letter rocks.  
Sight word rocks are an inexpensive activity to practice sight words and the alphabet.  Such a great hands on activity for preschool, kindergarten and even first or second grade.

Missing Number Math Games

Over the weekend, we were at a restaurant and my daughter was playing some game where she needed to know the number that came before and the number that came after. My husband was working with her on it, but it became clear that she was confused about what before meant when counting numbers. We explained it to her and for the rest of the game she was sort of hit or miss about the concept, so I thought I would do a little practice with her at home the next day. I wanted quick and easy so I reached for some old milk caps that we had been saving and from that the Missing Number Math Games were born.  
Missing number games using milk bottle caps for practicing numbers 1-20 and 1-30.  Love this for preschool or kindergarten.

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