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Almsgiving Ideas to do as a Family

Catholic Saints Interactive Notebook Volume 2

Ever since I published my first set of Catholic Saints Interactive Notebooks, I've had requests to add more saints.  Everyone has a favorite saint or one that holds special meaning to them or one that is important to their church or school.  Thankfully, my clip artist was able to create more saints so I could make Catholic Saints Interactive Notebook Volume 2.  I started by adding some of the saints that my church has statues or paintings of so my students could become more familiar with them.    
Catholic Saints facts for kids that can be used as an interactive notebook, flip book or flashcards.  Includes 25 beloved saints.

Robot Dance - A Little Gross Motor Fun

We can't get enough of robots this week.  Reading robot books and playing with robot puzzles have been so much fun, but we needed something to get us moving.  The cold dreary winter is keeping us inside and we needed some gross motor fun to get us up and "dancing" while we practiced following directions, our left and our right, shapes and counting.
Robot Dance for some gross motor fun.  Perfect way to practice following directions, counting, shapes and more.

Robot Themed Beginning Sound Match

My daughter is currently working on beginning sounds in preschool, so after all the robot books we've been reading, I thought I would make her some robot themed puzzles.  These little robots are too cute and now I want to make robot puzzles for #allthethings.  For this activity, I decided to just focus on matching the letter (lowercase) with the picture that starts with that letter.  To make it a little trickier, I made two robots for each letter.  
Robot themed beginning sounds puzzles.Grab this freebie for a perfect preschool or kindergarten practice activity.

Robot Books for Kids

This week we are focusing on a robot mini unit.  Like with all units, I love starting with a big pile of books!!  We read these books before bed or before an activity if it is relevant.  Robots are kind of out of the box for my girly girls but they loved reading and learning more about robots.  This was a fun topic because we could read both fiction and non-fiction books.  Here are 10 of our favorites.
Fun robot books for kids

2D and 3D Shape Centers

Teaching young learners about 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes can sometimes be difficult because it is an abstract concept unless they can hold and manipulate the shape or relate it to a real life object that they know.  This was exactly why I created these 2D and 3D Shape Math Centers.  I wanted to give teachers seven different activities where students are practicing the different shapes but also working with the shapes of real life objects.
7 math centers to make teaching 2D and 3D shapes easier. Perfect for kindergarten, first grade and second grade.

Easy Valentine's Day Art Project

Easy!  That's what I'm all about when it comes to art projects with my girls.  They love doing projects but some days I need something that is low prep and minimal mess and that is exactly what this idea is.  It is such an easy Valentine's Day project but could really be used all year long.  Who doesn't love heart pictures??
This is an idea for a Valentine's Day heart craft for kids that is so easy yet so so cute and colorful.

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