Seven Sacraments Sorting Game Freebie

UPDATE: This article & freebie were originally written for Today's Catholic Teacher. Today's Catholic Teacher has stopped publishing their magazine and recently shut down their website. I've moved the article and freebies here so that you can still access them. Sorry for the confusion with old links that no longer work. Hopefully we have that all taken care of now.

This is a FREE Seven Sacraments Sorting Game. It includes pictures to represent each sacrament and students have to correctly sort them. Sometimes it is hard to represent the Seven Sacraments (Baptism, Confirmation, Penance, Eucharist, Marriage, Holy Order and Anointing of the Sick) in just a picture, but this makes a great introduction to the sacraments or could be used as a review activity.
Free Seven Sacraments sorting game is perfect for kids to play in the classroom

In teaching our students about the seven sacraments (Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Reconciliation, Anointing of the Sick, Matrimony and Holy Orders), we often talk about the objects that are used during that sacrament. In order for a sacrament to be valid, it must have a specific form (the words or actions) and matter (what is needed). This sorting game is a way for students to practice identifying the matter for each sacrament (when it can be represented by a picture), along with other items that commonly represent that sacrament.

This game would make a great review after teaching all of the sacraments. It could also be done as a whole class activity as a way to introduce the sacraments.

Supplies Needed:


FREE Sacraments Sorting Game Printable


To Prepare:

Print out the Sacraments Sorting Game on cardstock for durability. Cut apart the pictures representing each sacrament.

To Play:

Have students play alone or with partners. Select one picture at a time and identifying the sacrament that is represented in the picture. Some pictures are used in more than one sacrament. There are four pictures for each sacrament.

Once they have identified the correct sacrament, sort it into the box with that title and pick up another picture card. Continue doing this until all of the picture cards are sorted by sacrament.


Free Seven Sacraments sorting game is perfect for kids to play in the classroom

Ideas for Differentiation:

Younger Students

  • Instead of giving them 4 pictures to represent each sacrament, just start with one picture for each sacrament
  • Use as review after teaching about the sacraments
  • Use the pictures as a way to introduce the sacrament – ask them what they know about the pictures, what are the items used for, etc.

Older Students

  • Talk about why some of the pictures were used to represent that sacrament – what do they mean? How are they used? What other symbols could be added to help explain the sacrament?
  • Use the pictures to help study the sacrament in more depth – What do the letters on the oil mean? What are the different colors that the priest wears? When do they wear different colored stoles?
  • Use the game as a review of the sacraments
  • Have students use the picture cards to present a sacrament to the class and explain what they know about the sacrament and what objects are used during that sacrament.
  • Using the pictures from the game, discuss what the form and matter for each sacrament would be. Which are included in the pictures? What else could you add?

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