FAQs about Printables

Having trouble with a freebie you downloaded from my site? Use these FAQs to help solve the problems. If you've read through this list and are still having trouble, please contact me.

How do I get the download?

In a blog post that includes a freebie, look for the form near the bottom of the post that ask for your name and email address. Make sure you aren't clicking on an ad that says to download. 

Check your email for the freebie. It is generally sent right away. Sometimes it might take a few minutes.

I never got my freebie. What happened?

First, check your inbox. Still not there? Check your spam folders. If you have gmail, check your social and promotions folders.

Unfortunately, some email providers will block emails like this because they contain links to pdf or zip files. School district emails seem to do this the most often. They are trying to protect you from spam and viruses. Sadly, they don't know that you requested this freebie to be sent to you. On my end, I get NO notification if the automatically sent freebie doesn't make it to your inbox.

Here are some things you can try:
  1. Add my email (sara@sarajcreations.com) to your contacts so your email providers sees us as friends. Then try submitting your info for the freebie again.
  2. Reply to one of my emails in the welcome series (or any email), so that again your email provider sees us as friends. Then try submitting your info for the freebie again.
  3. Open emails from me - newsletters, freebie emails, welcome series emails. Interacting with my emails let's your email provider know that this is an email account you know and trust.
  4. Try using a different email address, like a personal one that doesn't have to go through school district filters.
  5. If none of this works, try emailing me about the freebie. I will be happy to send it to you, but unfortunately can't always get to it as fast as the automated system can.

I can't open my freebie. What should I do?

First, what device are you on? Trying to open from a phone? That could be the problem. Try opening my freebies on a computer. The files are often large pdf or zip files and many phones do not have the ability to open those without other apps being involved. Plus you don't want to use up that amount of memory on your phone.

Make sure that you have the software to view a pdf or the software to unzip a zip file. Most computers come standard with these now, but if you have an older computer, you may not have these.
Also, make sure you are running the latest version of Adobe. If you aren't, you maybe have trouble opening, viewing and printing pdf files. 

Can you make some changes to the freebie for me?

Unfortunately, I do not have the time to make individual changes to the freebies that I post. I am always open to suggestions for future freebies and products. I also take custom orders for a fee if you really need changes made to a free resource.

Can I share this with my co-workers?

I love creating freebies (and paid products) to help other teachers save time. I ask that you respect my time and copyrighted products by following my terms of use. All of my printables must remain on our site and can not be posted on another website. Your readers and co workers will need to come here to download their own copy.

Each printable file (both free and paid) includes a copy of our Terms of Use. Please be sure to read this carefully. I am including highlights from our TOU here:

You May:
  • Use this item for your personal use
  • Use this item for your classroom and/or students
  • Purchase unlimited licenses for others to use this item at a discounted price.
  • Review this item for the purpose of recommending it to others as long as there is a direct link for it to be purchased from Sara J Creations
  • Enjoy this product for years to come (remember to check back for updated versions on paid products)
You May Not:
  • Give this item to others.
  • Copy this item for use by others.
  • Post this item on a website, including a personal website, classroom website, or district website.
  • Copy or modify any part of this document to offer others for free or for sale.

Please note that I have the right to modify any of the terms in this agreement at any time. New terms will go into effect immediately. I appreciate you respecting my hard work!

I am having trouble with an editable file! Help!!

First, let me clarify what editable means. A lot of times, an editable file will have a blank page where you can type in words that you specifically need (also called filling in a pdf). It does not mean that you can just highlight words that I have included and delete or change them. You will need to use the editable page and type in the words that you need. Technically you are "filling in a pdf" which is different than editing it, but for ease of understanding, most teaching resource creators call it "editing" or an "editable file."

Please make sure you download the file to your computer and then open it with Adobe. You will not be able to edit from the preview screen in your web browser that it automatically opens up with when you download the file. Download to you computer and then open the file. 

If a file is editable, you will often see a blue box where you can start typing. In your pdf reader, you just need to start typing. If you are having trouble with this, again make sure you have the latest version of Adobe installed. 

Having trouble changing the fonts? In my editable products, I usually specify what font I used in case you want to match it. Make sure that you have downloaded and installed that font and then try opening the document again.

In Adobe, hit control + e and it will bring up a dialogue box. In that box will be a drop down menu where you can select the font and size.

If you are still having trouble with editable files, I always direct people to THIS FREE RESOURCE on TpT that explains in more detail how to edit a pdf.

There is black boxes around all the clip art pictures. What do I do?

This can be fixed in a few different ways

1. Make sure you are downloading the file to you computer and opening it using Adobe. Often times the default is for it to open in a preview mode in your web browser. YOU DO NOT WANT THIS OPTION. You will not be able to use editable files and you will have trouble with pictures and printing files.

2. Next option is make sure your Adobe is up to date with the latest version. If it isn't updated, it can cause printing issues and distort fonts and pictures.

3. Another option is to adjust your print settings in Adobe (advanced settings) and click the "print as image" button. This can sometimes clear up any issues that you may have trying to print a pdf.