Earth Day Color by Sight Word Freebie

Preview: Celebrate Earth Day with these FREE editable color by code pictures. Perfect for sight words, spelling words, high frequency words, vocabulary and more.
Planting seeds color by sight word mystery pictures - Free for Earth Day!
Earth Day is our yearly reminder to take care of our environment. This can be recycling and reusing, planting new trees and plants, minimizing our waste, etc. This Earth Day Color by Sight Word Freebie is a great way to talk about the meaning of Earth Day while doing some word work practice.

These free coloring pages are editable, so you can add any words you want and they will automatically fill in inside the mystery picture.

Free color by sight word pages for Earth Day that are editable. Type in any word you want and the pictures are automatically created!

What is included?

This freebie includes 5 pages with Earth Day related pictures. You will get a flower, seed packet, recycling bin, the Earth and a reusable tote bag picture. They all look like a blank grid before you get started coloring. I've also included directions for use and a picture key in the download.
Flower color by sight word mystery pictures - Free for Earth Day!
I love the mystery pictures because they are a little more challenging. There are 100 boxes to color in, and it is hard to know from looking at the initial blank grid what the picture will be. Younger kids could definitely do this, but I think it might be easiest for 2nd or 3rd graders. 

What can I used Editable Color by Sight Word Pictures for?

There are so many different ways to use these. We say sight words, but that just means a word you recognize automatically. Because they are editable, you can add ANY words. This set would be perfect for Earth Day and environment related words. Here are some other ideas.

  • Sight words
  • High frequency words
  • Spelling patterns
  • Heart words
  • Word families
  • Vocabulary words
  • Days of the Week
  • Months of the Year
  • Students' names
  • Color words
  • Number words
  • Foreign Language

Recycling bin color by sight word mystery pictures - Free for Earth Day!

How to Edit the Color by Sight Word Pages

Here's a little tutorial on using editable files. The pictures in this are part of my easier version of Color by Sight Word pictures, not the mystery pictures, but the editing works the same way.
How to use editable files in Adobe

1. Save the file onto your computer (not a phone or tablet).

2. Find the file and open it with Adobe. This is important - check to make sure you see the Adobe symbol and the words Adobe Acrobat at the top. Sometimes your computer settings will automatically open PDF files in the preview mode of your web browser. When it does this, it loses the ability to edit and can mess with the graphics. 

Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe installed. You can download it for free HERE.

How to use editable files in Adobe

3. Look for the faint blue boxes and type your sight words in those boxes near the crayons. As you move on to the next box, the words will auto fill in the picture down below.

How to use editable files in Adobe

4. If you want to adjust the font or the size (you might need to do this especially if you have longer words), click ctrl + e or command + e. You will see a dialogue box like the one circled above. Highlight the word you want to change and then adjust the font and size from the drop down menu. You can use any font that is installed on your computer.
How to use editable files in Adobe

5. Once you have finished the pages you want to use, go to File>Print.

How to use editable files in Adobe

6. Once you are in the print box, you can adjust what pages you want to print, how many copies you want, and then hit print down at the bottom.

If you are having trouble with editing this PDF, you can check out our FAQs for more help. Also, this feature on Adobe is technically called "filling in a field," so if you are searching for help on the web, it is not actually editing the pdf, because that would mean you are changing the things that I've already put on the page.
Reusable tote bag color by sight word mystery pictures

More Editable Mystery Pictures Pages

If you love this Earth Day freebie but want something to use the rest of the year, I've got lots more options for seasonal color by word mystery pictures. I've created a set for every season and even bundled them up so you have every season and holiday covered. 
Color by sight word mystery picture seasonal bundle

Download your Earth Day Color by Sight Word Pages

Free Earth Day themed color by sight word mystery pictures. Just type in the words you want and the pictures are created for you!

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