Letter S Activities

Preview: An awesome assortment of Letter S Activities that would be perfect for preschool or kindergarten. Art, sensory, literacy, games, alphabet practice and more all rolled into Letter S fun.
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This week we are sharing our letter S activities. We had some handwriting practice, literacy fun, art project, and several sensory play opportunities all centered around the letter S. My daughter is definitely an expert at the routine of this after following a similar format for the other letters of the alphabet.
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Letter S Picture Book 


To start our study of the letter S and a week of fun activities, we read the book Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss. A typical silly Dr. Seuss book, but I purposely wanted a book with socks in it to match our alphabet art book that we did next. Before we got to our art project, we found upper and lowercase S's in the book.

 Letter S Alphabet Art Book


For the alphabet book we are working on, we added S is for sock. We used stamps to decorate the sock since stamp starts with S. This was easy for her to complete on her own. The alphabet book is part of my Alphabet Centers with Real Pictures.

Letter S Handwriting Practice


To practice writing the letter S, I put our alphabet tracing sheets in a reusable plastic sleeve and gave her a dry erase marker. This is great practice for her to try forming the letters with the support of the dotted lines. Then she can try it on her own on the blank line. She'd rather trace so I have to remind her to practice writing on her own, too.

Letter S Identification 

identify the letter s

We practiced identifying the letter S in all different fonts with our S page from our Alphabet Centers pack. We used our dot markers to stamp all of the circles that had an s in it. 

Letter S Puzzles and Games


For some extra fun we found some activities we already had around the house that started with S. First we played with shape puzzles because shape started with S. We used the different shaped (oval, circle, triangle, square, rectangle) pieces to create the pictures.

Then we played Spot It because it starts with S. This is a fun game that works on visual discrimination. There are lots of ways to play but the way we play is set out 9 cards at a time. Then you have to find the same shape (might be a different size) three different times. If you get it right, you collect those three cards and put more in their place until all the cards are gone. This is a perfect game for waiting at a restaurant.

spot it game

Letter S Sensory Fun


We had lots of sensory fun with the letter S. First up, we did Space Rocks. This is just black beans, some glue and some glitter. It dries and the "rocks" look like they sparkle. You can read how to make them in more detail here. We added little robots and some glow in the dark stars. Then some spoons for scooping and someone the princess collection got added in, too.
spring sensory bin

Then we played with our Spring Sensory Bin because it started with S. You can read all about our Spring Sensory Bin HERE, but basically it was plastic Easter eggs and green Easter basket grass. I wrote upper and lowercase letters on the eggs and broke them apart. My daughter had to find the matches and snap them back together.

simple slime

We also played with slime because it starts with S, too. Slime is easy to make and my girls always love it. We have had the best luck with Elmer's recipe that includes glue, baking soda and contact lens solution. To this batch, we added some water beads just to add some texture, color and to see what would happen. We thought of words to describe slime that started with S - sticky, stretchy, silly, slimy.
slime with waterbeads

Letter Review Games


To review all of the letters we've covered so far, we headed outside. I wrote the letters of the alphabet on our patio using sidewalk chalk. I made an uppercase and a lowercase set. Then I would call out a letter and she would have to find it and go stand on it. A fun and easy way to get her moving and practicing letters.

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