Compound Words Matching Activity

 Preview: I love this rainbow themed compound word matching activity. The differentiated matching cards would make the perfect game for preschool through 2nd grade. Grab this freebie by clicking the link. 
Rainbows! They just make everything happier, don't they? My girls love all things rainbow colors and often claim "rainbow" as their favorite color. Since rainbow is a compound word, I figured it would be fun to make a rainbow themed compound word matching activity.

Practicing compound words with these cards can make the perfect literacy center, small group activity or even a fun game for ages preK-2nd grade. There are different versions to use to make the matching more or less of a challenge.

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Prepping Compound Word Matching Cards


To prep these cards, you really need to do nothing but print and cut apart. It might make it easier if you print on cardstock, laminate, and then cut apart so that this activity is more durable and can be reused. You can find our favorite tools for prepping activities like this in our Amazon Store here.


Included in this free download are rainbow matching cards for 12 different compound words. For each compound word, there is a matching rainbow that lists the two words that make up the compound word. I've included a set with labels underneath and a set with just the pictures. Then for students who need a little more of a challenge, there is a set with just pictures and a blank cloud where they have to write or draw the compound word. Print out the set that works for your students, or print them all and differentiate.

Playing Compound Word Matching Game

Have students pick a rainbow with two labels/pictures on the clouds. Either read the words or say what is in the picture. Push those words together to make a new compound word. Find the rainbow with that picture to make the match. For example tree + house would match with the treehouse picture. 

Another way to use these compound word matching cards with older students is to have them write the compound word on the blank clouds. You could laminate (here is my favorite laminator) or put them in reusable page protectors and use dry erase markers. That would make it a great center and students could use it over and over again, just wipe off their answers and start again.


I've made this rainbow themed compound word matching game a FREEBIE for you. Just scroll to the bottom of this post to grab your download.

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Download Rainbow Compound Words 


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