Free Sight Word Apple Mazes

With fall in the air, we are all about all things apples right now.  We took our first trip of the year to the cider mill for donuts and apple cider this weekend.  My girls are begging to pick apples this week.  Since I have apples on the brain, I made up a quick sight word freebie that focuses on 5 words - from, said, make, that and look.  If you are looking for more sight word freebies, check out our sight word mega bundle.
Free sight word practice pages with an apple theme.

These sight word mazes could be used three different way.
Free sight word practice pages with an apple theme.
With bingo/dot markers - have students begin where it says "start" and dot the focus sight word for that page.  Have them continue dotting the the apples that link to the one they just did and contain the focus sight word for that page. They will need to find apples that are next to one another that contain the focus sight word for the page.  Students could just dot all the apples with that sight word, but my focus was to get them to go in a line to work through the maze.

With crayons - students will need to work through the maze from start to end, but with this method they are coloring the apples.  They will need to color apples that are next to each other and contain the focus sight word to make it through the maze.

Laminate and use counters - if you want to be able to reuse this activity, print and laminate each board.  Give students counters (math manipulatives, mini erasers, etc.) and have them work their way through the maze by finding and covering the focus sight word.

Free sight word practice pages with an apple theme.
At the bottom of each board is a bonus that asks students to read all of the words on the apples.  This would be great for them to do with a partner.

This freebie would make a great review, an easy center, or perfect at home practice.  It shouldn't take students long to complete, but it is another way to practice those sight words. To grab your freebie, click the download button below, enter your information and they will be automatically emailed to you.

Need more words than the five that are included in this freebie? Try this set of fully editable apple mazes. Add sight words (or any words) and the mazes will be automatically created for you.
Free sight word practice pages with an apple theme plus a paid version that includes fully editable mazes - add any sight word you want!


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  1. Says free but when I try to download it directs me to tpt site with a fee.

    1. To grab the free version, click on the button that says Click to Download, enter your email and then it will be emailed directly to you. The TpT version is not the free one, that is a paid version that is completely editable if you want to add words beyond the ones included in the freebie.