Winner Wednesday: Place Value Task Cards

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Place Value Task Card Bundle - A great place value activity for second grade.

My Place Value Task Card Bundle includes each of the five sets described below.  

Each set:
-Includes 32 task cards
-Comes in color and black and white versions
-Includes a recording sheet
-Includes an answer sheet
-Gives ideas for using task cards in the classroom
-Is Common Core aligned for 2nd grade
-Can be purchased individually or in the bundle

If you are looking for ideas of how to use task cards in your classroom, check out my post about 12 ways to use task cards.  A task card has just one question on it at a time.  Students record their answers and move on to the next task cards.  There are so many ways you can use these - small group, math centers, preassessment, assessment, whole class games, etc.  

Let's take a look at the task card sets that are included in the bundle.

Compare Numbers Task Cards

Comparing number task cards for practicing place value
 Comparing numbers task cards focus on comparing numbers up to 1,000.  This set includes 2 types of problems: 
-Fill in the symbol using <, >, = (ex. 654 O 365)
-What number could go in the blank – open ended with more than one right answer (342 < ___)

*You can put restrictions on this if you want and tell them the answer has to be smaller than 1,000 if you want to stick to 3 digit numbers and have a little more control over the numbers they pick.

Expanded Form Task Cards

Expanded form task cards - a practicing place value activity
 Expanded form task cards focus on breaking the numbers into hundreds, tens and ones and knowing the value of each number.  This set includes 3 types of problems. 
-Write this number in expanded form (ex. 895 = 800+90+5)
-Write this number in standard form (ex. 100+20+2 = 122)
-What number is missing? (ex. 100+___+5=145, answer is 40)

Skip Counting Task Cards

Skip counting task cards - a practicing place value activity for 2nd grade
 Skip counting task cards practice skip counting by 5s, 10s and 100s up to 1,000.  This set includes 4 types of problems:
-Write the next three numbers – counting by 1s
-Write the next three numbers – using skip counting by 5s, 10s, 100s
-Fill in the missing numbers in the patterns – by 1s and skip counting
-What are we skip counting by – 5s, 10s, 100s

Place Value Task Cards

Place value task cards - a practicing place value activity for 2nd grade
Place Value task cards are designed as an overview of the concept of place value.  

This set includes 8 cards of each of the following concepts: 
-Skip Counting & Counting 
-Comparing Numbers
-Expanded Form
-Base Ten

Base Ten Task Cards

Base ten task cards - a practicing place value activity for 2nd grade
 Base ten task cards focus on counting numbers using base ten blocks to help.  This set includes 3 types of problems. 
-What number is this? (using base ten blocks pictures)
-What number is this? (ex. 6 hundreds, 3 tens, 2 ones = 632)
-How many hundreds, tens and ones in this number? (ex. 528, answer is 5 hundreds, 2 tens, 8 ones)

Place Value Task Cards FREE SAMPLE

Free place value task cards - a practicing place value activity for 2nd grade
Place card free sample task cards include a few cards from each set.  It is a chance to try out the task cards and see what area of place value your students need more practice with or what area you want to focus on more specifically.

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