First Communion Lapbook for Catholic Kids

Prepare your students for their First Communion in a hands-on and meaningful way. This Catholic First Communion Lapbook not only prepares children for the big day, but also helps them to understand how Jesus gave us the Eucharist. It also gives them tools to help them follow along and better understand the Mass.
First Communion Lapbook

Lapbooks are file folders used to organize information and create hands-on activities to teach a concept. This specific First Communion Lapbook was designed to help Catholic kids learn about the background behind the Eucharist, the parts of the Mass, and some practical help in getting ready for the big day. 

This is designed to be used over the course of several days, weeks or even months depending on your sacramental prep program. It will take time to assemble all the parts, and you really want to spend time talking and teaching about the different topics. 

Keep reading to find out all the supplies you need to assemble one of these lapbooks and all the different parts that are included in this First Communion Lapbook

Supplies Needed

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Supplies Needed - First Communion Lapbook

First Communion Lapbook Digital Download

File Folders (colored not necessary but nice for a keepsake)

Glue Sticks



Crayons, colored pencils or markers

How I Receive Communion

How to Receive - First Communion Lapbook

In designing this and working with an artist to create the clip art, we realized how we receive communion varies based on location. Because of this, I left this as an open-ended activity where students can find the pictures that best match them and put them in the correct order.

There are pictures included of different ways to receive - on the tongue, in the hands, standing, kneeling, bowing plus a boy and girl option for all the different ways.  

I would recommend also practicing these steps in church so they are comfortable, but they will also have a visual reminder once they complete this activity. 

The Institution of the Eucharist

Institution of the Eucharist - First Communion Lapbook

This section was designed to help students read through scripture and make the connection between what Jesus said and did at the Last Supper and what priests say and do during the Mass. We want them to see that Jesus gave us the Eucharist at the Last Supper. 

True Presence - First Communion Lapbook

There is also a picture of The Body & Blood of Jesus Christ - both in the Eucharist and hanging on the cross. Ideally this should be combined with a discussion on the True Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. Since this is a difficult concept for adults, let alone children, I wanted this mini book to serve as a visual that they can think about when talking about the Eucharist.

The Mass for Kids

The Mass For Kids - First Communion Lapbbok

In this section you will make a mini tab book that focuses on the order of Mass, the objects commonly used during Mass and the prayers/songs we say during Mass.

Order of the Mass - First Communion Lapbook
For the order of Mass, students will glue in the correct parts under Introductory Rites, Liturgy of the Word, Liturgy of the Eucharist and Concluding Rites. There is also a little checkbox for each part so they can check it off as it happens or as you explain each part.

If you want more details about the different parts of the Mass, I’ve found this part of the USCCB’s website to be really helpful. 

Objects of the Mass - First Communion Lapbook
For the objects page, students will match pictures to the name and definition. They will create flaps as they glue these together so that they can continue to open the flap and identify the name of each item. There is also checkboxes so they can mark off items once they see them during Mass or during a tour of the church.

Prayers of the Mass - First Communion Lapbbok
The prayers part you can adjust for your students. I’ve included 10 of the longer prayers and responses that we use during Mass. You can just pick the ones you want your students to focus on or be able to follow along with during Mass.

If you are looking for more of the prayers and smaller responses we say during Mass, check out this guide.

My First Communion Day

The Big Day - First Communion Lapbook

This mini flipbook is designed for the big day. There is a section for prayer where children can write a prayer that they would like to say that day. There is also a spot to include a picture of them on their special day. They can fill out the celebration tab to remember who was there and what they did. 

I hope this First Communion Catholic Lapbook helps to make your sacramental prep more fruitful, and hope it helps your students to feel more prepared to make their First Holy Communion.

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Prepare your students for their First Holy Communion with this hands-on lapbook for Catholic kids. Cover topics like the Mass, the Eucharist & more