Lent Ideas for Catholic Kids

Ideas, freebies, products and more to make Lent with Catholic kids more engaging, hands-on and focused on Jesus while we prepare for Easter.

After so many years of creating Lent activities, products, freebies and ideas, I decided it was time to round them all up in one post to make it easier for you to find Lent ideas for Catholic kids. 

Check out all of these ideas with links to where you can find the product, freebie or blog post on my website.

I hope this makes walking through Lent and preparing for Easter even easier for the Catholic children you minister to. 

Prayer, Fasting, Almsgiving Ideas

Almsgiving As a Family

Looking for some ways to do almsgiving as a family or in a way where children can participate? In this blog post I round up some ways to make that happen. These ideas could be done as a family or even in classroom.
Almsgiving as a family or class

Lenten Prayer Chain

A Lenten Prayer Chain is one of our favorite yearly traditions. It allows us to pray for people specifically by name each night at dinner. It also serves as a countdown to Easter. This could easily be done at home or in a classroom setting. 
Lenten Prayer Chain

Bulletin Board

This Lenten Promise bulletin board makes a great display for all of Lent. It reminds students what prayer, fasting and almsgiving means and then they can write out what they plan to do in each of those three areas. At home, I don't display the full bulletin board but I like to print out the Lenten Promise part to help me keep straight what each of us has sacrificed so that I don't set up any accidental temptations. 
Lent Bulletin Board - Prayer, Fasting, Almsgiving

Hands-on Activities for Lent

Lent Lapbook in English & Spanish

Lapbooks are one of my favorite hands-on tools for learning. This Lent Lapbook helps students count down to Easter, focus on their Lenten Promise, and learn the Stations of the Cross. There is also a part where they will dive into scripture and study the passages related to Holy Week. 
Catholic Lent Lapbook for Kids

I also have this same Lent Lapbook available in Spanish. It is the same as the English version with a simpler and more advanced level included. This one includes all the directions in Spanish as well. 
Spanish Lent Lapbook

Grab your Spanish Lent Lapbook HERE

If you need to teach students in both English and Spanish, I have the two lapbooks bundled to save you some money versus buying each one separately.
Spanish and English Lent Lapbook Bundle

Lent (and Easter) Liturgical Living Activities

This Lent Liturgical Living activity pack is full of easy-to-use, print-and-go-type activities that are perfect for Lent, Holy Week, Triduum, Easter and Pentecost. 
Lent Liturgical Living Printable Activities

You'll find countdowns, crossword puzzles, coloring pages, quotes, liturgical colors worn during these seasons, Lent sorting activities, flame for Pentecost craft, Stations of the Cross, banners for prayer corners and so much more. 
Lent Liturgical Living Printable Activities

Stations of the Cross Mini Book

Do you do the Stations of the Cross each week as a class, school, parish, or even at home with your family? Grab this mini book so little ones can follow along with a simple sentence and matching picture. Two different styles of mini book are included so that older and younger students can use these effectively. 

Stations of the Cross Matching Cards

These Stations of the Cross Matching Cards can be used in so many ways. You can match the pictures to the words. You can practice sequencing the pictures and sequencing the word cards. You could glue the picture and words together (like a flashcard) and put them together on a ring or staple them to make a book.

Free Stations of the Cross Matching Cards

Holy Week Matching Cards

Holy Week Matching Cards can be used just like the Stations of the Cross cards - matching pictures to words, sequencing the events of Holy Week, playing a matching/memory game and so much more. 
Free Holy Week Matching Cards

Drawing Closer to God Videos

This video series is a great way to bring art and religion together during Lent. Drawing Closer to God: A Catholic Art Show for Kids is a video series with a new episode for each week of Lent. You can find it on FORMED or on the Augustine Institute's YouTube Page. I like these videos because not only does it teach children how to draw a picture related to Lent, but it also teaches the background information on what we believe as Catholics as well as including prayer as part of the drawing lesson.

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Ideas, freebies, products and more to make Lent with Catholic kids more engaging, hands-on and focused on Jesus while we prepare for Easter.