Ideas for Decorating Your Catholic Classroom

Great commandment bulletin board

Decorating a Catholic classroom can be tricky. You can't always walk into a teacher store (if you are lucky enough to still have a brick and mortar store by you) or even find an online option. Maybe some Christian decor options, a few crosses here and there, but not a lot that is specifically Catholic.

That's why I wanted to showcase a few different ideas for decorating your Catholic classroom. While they may take the time and resources to print on your own and a little time cutting or laminating, it is well worth it to have areas of your classroom decorated with Catholic content to help your students grow in their faith.

Check out these options for brightening your classroom with Catholic decor, bulletin boards, banners and more!

Prayer Bulletin Board

Catholic prayer bulletin board

I love a bulletin board that can be left up all year! This Catholic Prayer Bulletin Board is a perfect bulletin board to leave up all year long. You can introduce students to new types of prayer throughout the year, including memorized/vocal prayer, thanksgiving, intercession, petition, scripture and the Rosary.

You could use this board as a whole class during prayer/calendar time and pick a different way to pray each day. It could also be used in a prayer corner where students use the interactive board on their own. For each type of prayer, there are activities, recording sheets, and other hands-on tools to help the students be successful independently. 

See more of what is included in the Catholic Prayer Bulletin Board by checking out this blog post.

Monthly Catholic Bulletin Boards

Catholic bulletin boards
If you are looking for bulletin boards that you can change throughout the year, I've got you covered too. This bundle includes 12 different bulletin boards, so you could change them out monthly, seasonally, or just use the boards you like. 

These are a few that would be perfect for back to school season. You can personalize the lightbulbs on the first one to include student names. 

You are the light of the world Catholic bulletin board

The "I have called you by name bulletin board" is another great one for back to school. Have students create their names during the first week of school to add to this board. I love that it gives it such a personalized and unique look.
I have called you by name Catholic bulletin board
Included in this Catholic Bulletin Board Bundle:

See more of what is included in Year Long Bulletin Board for the Catholic Classroom by reading this blog post. 

Catholic Saints Banners

Catholic saint printable banners for classroom decor

When I created these banners, I envisioned them displayed in the hallway of a Catholic school. Obviously, you could use them anywhere - a classroom, a door, a school, a church, the hallway, a prayer corner...the possibilities are endless.

This is such a fun way to display saints once you've learn about them or just display some of your favorites or patron saints of your school. There are 79 included saints.

I've included 6 different designs so that you can find one that fits your decor style...and you can change it up each year since you get all the designs for one price.

Included Designs:
  • Black and white (so students can color in)
  • White background, colored saints (shown above)
  • Primary Colors (shown above)
  • Bright Polkadots (shown above)
  • Blue/purple stripes
And if you want this to be more than just decor, there is an option for a printable back to the banners where students can fill out a mini report about each saint and then display it.

See more of what is included in the Catholic Saints Banners in this blog post.

Catholic Saints Alphabet Line

Catholic saint alphabet posters for classroom decor

This was something I have wanted to create for years, but just never had the right saint clip art to do it. Now I have custom saints for every letter of the alphabet, so it was time for alphabet posters with the idea that they could make an alphabet line/display in a Catholic classroom.

There is one saint for each letter except A, C, E, G, I, and O where I've included two saints to represent both sounds the letters make. For each letter I've included 4 styles - print, print with lines, cursive, and cursive with lines. 
Catholic saint alphabet posters cursive and print

And because that's not enough choices, I've included two different background options. The first is shown above and includes colorful watercolor backgrounds. The second is shown below and includes a gray/white background. 
Catholic saint alphabet posters cursive

Growing With God Bulletin Board

Growing with God bulletin board idea
Looking for some more bulletin board, hallway or door decorating ideas? Check out this freebie that I wrote for Today's Catholic Teacher magazine a few years ago. This could be used as an all year display. I share in the blog post some ideas for changing it up for each season. 

You could use this to display student work throughout the year or show different ways your students are growing in their faith. 

Pencil St. Teresa Bulletin Board

Mother Teresa quote bulletin board

Another free bulletin board idea that I wrote for Today's Catholic Teacher magazine is this Mother Teresa quote bulletin board. I show you how to create these 3D pencils that you write each student's name on. Then there is a quote you can hang on the board.

This could just be a back to school bulletin board, but you could also use it as a year-long bulletin board. Under each pencil you can display that students' work. Then just change the work throughout the year but keep the pencils and quote up. 

With a few quick bulletin boards, banners or posters, you can bring some uniquely Catholic designs to your classroom decor. The best part is that these could really match any theme or color scheme you use in your classroom. Decorating your Catholic classroom has never been easier with these printable ideas!

Ideas for decorating the Catholic classroom with uniquely Catholic decor