Printable Teacher Sticky Notes

Preview: Check out these CUTE printable sticky note templates designed just for teachers. Great idea for motivating students. Download your free Printable Teacher Sticky Notes now.

Have you ever tried printing on sticky notes? It is AWESOME and so so easy. I used this technique to make a number sequencing game that was so easy to prep. Once you've learned this technique, the possibilities are endless. 

I made these printable teacher sticky notes for teachers to use for a variety of reasons - motivate students, easy thank you notes, inspire and thank co-workers, etc. There are so many possibilities and the best part is this is FREE!! Plus, I show you in this post (and in the freebie) how to set these up for printing.
Printable sticky notes for teachers

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How to Print on Sticky Notes

Printing sticky note template
Included in this free download, is a template for printing. Print that out and then you will stick one sticky note over each square with the sticky part at the top. These are designed for square sticky notes.

Sticky notes are slightly bigger than the squares on the template. This is on purpose. You want the sticky notes to hang over the template a little bit on each side so that all of the borders print properly.
Printed template for sticky notes

Now you are ready to print. Check your printer settings so that you know how to insert the paper. My printer has me insert the page of sticky notes face down.

Print the sticky notes with the positive messages and then peel off the sticky notes. You can save the square templates to reuse and print more positive sticky note messages.
Variety of printed teacher sticky notes

Ideas for Using Printable Teacher Sticky Notes

There are lots of ways that you can use these sticky notes. Here are just a few ideas:

  • On student desks to motivate and reward
  • In a colleagues mailbox or on their door when they come in to lift them up
  • Stick it on a coffee or treat for a fellow teacher
  • On student assignments 
  • To uplift students before a test
  • As a thank you note to a student
  • To thank a co worker
  • To thank a parent volunteer
  • On student lockers to brighten their day
  • Give them to students to pass out to other students and staff members
  • Lunchbox notes

Download Your Own Printable Teacher Sticky Notes

I've made these sticky notes as a FREEBIE for you! If you are ready to download your FREE printable teacher sticky notes, just click the "click to download" button below, enter your information and they will be automatically sent to you. 


  1. These are so cool, but the link says it's a bad IP address...

    1. Hmm I just tested it with no problem. If you are trying it on a work computer, I would suggest trying it at home. School districts often block downloads and links.

    2. I had to right click and "open link in new tab". Once I did that, it worked! :) *THANK YOU, Sara J for these!! I can't wait to use them.

  2. I love those ... however I have the same problem - the link sends me to Pinterest and If I "open link in new tab" it sends me to a sign up for the newsletter. Tried at home and at work.... :)

    1. Click the "click to download" button. Enter your name and email address so the system knows where to send it. Then check your email for the title "Teacher Sticky Notes" and then click the claim your download button. It will start downloading and ask where you want to save the file. Also, check the FAQs section for more tips.

  3. I'm having trouble getting them to print on the sticky note evenly. They are hanging of the edge or are too high or too low.
    I'm using square sticky notes. I've followed the directions. I've tried printing as is and "fit to page", neither one is perfect.

    1. You want to make sure that you aren't lining the sticky note up directly on the template. You want the template to be covered by the sticky note evenly. So the sticky note should be "hanging off" the template just a little bit on all four sides. This will ensure that each of the templates prints in the correct spot.

  4. Do you have any other sticky note phrases or have an editable version where I could type a phrase I needed? I love these!!

    1. Those are the only ones I have on my blog right now and unfortunately there is no editable version. I'll keep it in mind for the future.

  5. I am super excited to use these, however, I haven't received a download link in my email.

    1. Try it again and then check your email. Certain email providers or computers (especially school issued) will often have blocks set up preventing these emails from getting through or they go to spam. Also try our FAQS for help.

    2. I found that the sign up wouldn't submit on Chrome (after entering my info and clicking "Send me my freebie", my cursor turned into a blue circle that just kept spinning), so I tried a different browser and it worked.