Learning Colors Memory Game

Preview: Make learning colors more fun with this free printable memory matching game. Perfect game for toddlers, preschool, kindergarten or even ESL students.

Are you ready to work on learning colors or matching colors? Playing Learning Colors Memory Game is the perfect way for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners to work on learning the colors, matching them and learning how to spell the color words. Keep reading to see how to use this FREEBIE!

Learning Colors Memory Card Game

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Supplies Needed for Colors Memory Game

Learning colors memory game set up

Laminator (optional)
Scissors or Paper cutter (this is the one I use which is okay for 2-3 pieces of cardstock at a time)
Free Memory Game (at the bottom of this post)

Some people prefer not to use white cardstock for activities like this because you can sometimes see through to what is on the other side. An alternative would be to use scrapbooking paper that is white on one side. Print on the white side and then the back will have a design on it, making it difficult to see through.

To Prep & Play Color Memory Game

Learning colors matching game red

Print out the free memory game. Laminate if you want it to be more durable. Cut apart the cards.

When you are ready to play, spread the cards out in neat rows and columns with the words and pictures facing down.

Learning colors memory game blue cards

Take turns turning over two cards at a time to look for a match. A match will have the color word and the starburst that is the same color.

If you get a match, keep it and pick two more cards.

If you don't have a match, put the cards back down in the same place you pulled them from. This will help you practice the "memory" part of the game where you have to remember where certain colors are located.
Learning colors game matches

Continue taking turns until all of the cards have been matched up. The player with the most matches wins.
Learning colors memory game yellow cards
This game is a great way to get little ones familiar with the name and correct spelling of each color. Younger students who aren't ready for learning the word can still play by just matching the colors.

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Learning colors memory game green cards
I've made this memory game as a freebie for you! Keep reading and grab your freebie at the bottom of this post.

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