Free Editable Sight Word Cards

Preview: Free editable sight word cards make games like memory and go fish easier to play, personalize and differentiate. Grab your set now!

Make practicing sight words more fun with these editable sight word cards. You pick the words that you want on the cards (hello differentiation) and the cards are automatically created. Then those cards can be used in so many different ways - flash cards, memory games, go fish, etc.

The sky is the limit when it comes to these cards. You could also add vocabulary words, foreign language words, names, word families and more. Follow the simple steps below to make this freebie work for you and your students!
Editable sight word cards

How to Make Sight Word Cards

Open the pdf file using a pdf reader such as Adobe. In the file, you will find this page that says Start Here. The boxes will have a faint blue box. Click on the first box and type in a sight word you want included.
How to edit sight word cards pdf
 As you type in the boxes, the words will automatically fill in on the cards. There will be two cards for each word so that you can use the cards as a matching game.
Sight word cards will be automatically created
If you want to change the font or size, click Ctrl + e. A property box will pop up and you can adjust the text to any font you have on your computer.

Ideas for Using Editable Sight Word Cards

Matching/Memory Game - Use one set of cards (as many cards as you think are appropriate for your students) to play a matching/memory game. Set all cards face down in neat rows. Take turns flipping over two cards at a time.  

A match will be the same sight word and the student who found the match will need to read the words correctly. The player with the most matches wins. For 2-4 players.

Go Fish – Use one set of cards (as many cards as you think are appropriate for your students.) Each player gets 5 cards to hold in his/her hand. The rest are put in a pile.  

If they have any matches, they set them down in front of them.  They draw more cards to replace the matches so they always have 5 cards in their hand. Take turns asking each other for the match to a card in their hand.  For example, “Do you have want?” 

The other player checks his/her cards to see if they have want to match. If they have the card, they give it to the other player.  If not, say go fish and draw from the pile. Player with the most matches at the end of the game wins. For 2-4 players.

Flash cards – copy and cut the cards horizontally. Fold on the vertical line in the center and glue/laminate to make the cards two sided.

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