Alphabet Match Flower Sensory Bin

Preview: Alphabet match flower sensory bin is  the perfect spring activity to practice letter identification, matching and beginning sounds. Ideal for preschool and kindergarten.

It was time to update our sensory bin from our Alphabet Match Sensory Bin with Easter Eggs, to something else with a spring theme. I decided to make it easy on myself and keep the green Easter grass as our base.

I made some flowers with uppercase letters, lowercase letters and beginning sounds pictures on them for a different kind of alphabet match flower sensory bin. This bin not only works on letter identification, but it is also great for fine motor practice thanks to the clothespins. 

Keep reading to find out all the supplies you need, how to set the bin up and play with it, plus grab your free alphabet flowers.
Alphabet match flower sensory bin

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Supplies for Alphabet Match Flower Sensory Bin 

Alphabet Match Flower Sensory Bin_Alphabet Clothespins

Under the bed plastic storage bin (Target had these in store for $6 or $7)
Easter Grass (need 2-3 packages depending on size of your bin)// Paper Grass Option if you don't like the plastic grass
Alphabet Flowers (free download below)
Circle Squeeze Punch (optional)
Laminator (optional)
Alphabet Clothespins (Mine were from Michaels // Similar ones on Amazon)

Setting up your Sensory Bin

Alphabet Match Flower Sensory Bin_prep with circle punch

1. Print out the alphabet flowers. There are three sets included - lowercase letters, uppercase letters and beginning sounds pictures. You can laminate these for durability if you want.

2. Use the circle punch to cut out the flowers. This is completely optional but so much easier than cutting around each flower. They are sized to fit perfectly in the 1.5" circle punch.

3. If you can't find the alphabet clothes pins, make your own by writing the letters on plain clothespins. You could also use alphabet stickers on the clothespins. The set I found at Michaels were mini clothespins, so they were a little shorter and stubbier than normal.

4. Spread out the plastic or paper grass in the bottom of your sensory bin. 

5. Decide what set of letters you want to use and spread those on top of the grass.

6. Set out the clothespins so your little ones are ready to search for matches.

Uppercase Alphabet Match 

Alphabet match flower sensory bin uppercase alphabet match

Because our alphabet clothespins were uppercase letters, we decided to start with uppercase flowers in our bin. My daughter spread out the clothespins next to the bin and one at a time would search for the flower that matched the clothespin she was holding.

Once she found a match, she would squeeze the clothespin open and pick up the flower. Then she would set these on the carpet next to the bin. I love that not only did this work on letter recognition, but it also was fine motor practice for her. 

Alphabet match flower sensory bin uppercase letter match

 Upper and Lowercase Alphabet Match

Alphabet match flower sensory bin lowercase letters

 After we finished all of the uppercase letters, I put the lowercase alphabet flowers in the bin. This was a little trickier as she matched the uppercase letter on the clothespin to the lowercase flowers in the sensory bin.

She still worked those little finger muscles as she opened the clothespins when she found a match. She still tends to get stuck on the letters where the upper and lowercase versions look nothing alike.
Alphabet match flower sensory bin upper and lowercase letter match

Beginning Sounds Alphabet Match

Alphabet match flower sensory bin beginning sounds bin
I designed this set of flowers with my older daughter in mind. She is in kindergarten so reviewing the beginning sounds would be a great sensory bin for her. I love that this is a bin you can differentiate depending on where your students are at in their alphabet knowledge.

I was pleasantly surprised that my four year old could also work on this level. There were several pictures that she recognized and instantly said the letter it started with.

alphabet match flower sensory bin beginning sound match
This alphabet match flower sensory bin is perfect for spring and an easy bin to set up and prep for. Because of the three different sets of flowers that are included, differentiation is easy to do. You could make different bins for different levels of students, use the same bin and trade out the flowers like we did, or put them all in the same bin and have students look for the flowers they should be working on.

Do you want to try out this sensory bin? Grab the alphabet match flowers for FREE by entering your name and email address into the form below and they will be emailed directly to you.