Religious Easter Bingo

As a way to prepare for Easter and celebrate in my religious education classroom, I love playing bingo.  Now, regular Easter Bingo would work great for this in a traditional classroom, but in a religious setting, I wanted the focus to be on Jesus and the Story of Easter and not bunnies and candy.  We played Religious Easter Bingo and my first graders had so much fun reviewing the events of Holy Week and becoming more familiar with what happened on Easter.  
Religious Easter Bingo is a fun game for kids to play to review Holy Week and the story of Easter.  I love that this keeps the focus on Jesus instead of the Easter Bunny.

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To Prep Bingo Boards

Suggested Supplies:
Religious Easter Bingo
Laminating Pouches
Bingo Markers - jelly beans, mini erasers, pieces of small paper, math manipulatives, etc.

Decide if you want to print the boards in color or black and white.  When I used them with my first graders, I printed black and white on pink cardstock.  Print on cardstock and laminate for durability.  Then you can use these each year without printing out new sets.

Easter Bingo is the perfect way for kids to review the events of Holy Week

What's Included

-30 different bingo boards in color and in black and white - no two boards are the same
-teacher calling cards in color and in black and white
-directions for playing bingo

How to play

1.Have each student get enough bingo chips to cover their board.
2.Call one word at a time using the teacher calling cards.
3.Have the students cover the word/picture that you called.
4.If they get 5 in a row (horizontal, vertical or diagonal), they yell BINGO.
5.Have the student read back their 5 in a row and check their answers to see if they've won.
6.Continue to call words and have more winners or have students clear their boards and start again.

If you want to have prizes for your bingo winners you could do anything from Easter candy to a pick from your prize box, to a brag tag or a special reward coupon.

I love playing Religious Easter Bingo because not only does it review the vocabulary and events of Holy Week, but it also is a fun game so it gets students engaged and excited immediately.  You can find Religious Easter Bingo HERE.    

Teach your children about the events of Holy Week and Easter with this printable bingo game