Easter Basket Ideas for Catholic Kids

With Easter fast approaching, I'm constantly searching for Catholic Easter Basket ideas for my girls. I don't mind some candy or chalk and bubbles or a few bunny things here and there, but I always want the focus for my girls to be Jesus. Easter is about Jesus and not an Easter Bunny.

I rounded up some gift ideas that you could add to your child's Easter basket this year.  Many are available from Amazon Prime so there is still time to get them by Easter.

Some of these ideas are favorites around our house that my girls have received over the years, and some are items we have on our wishlist. Many of these could be used as gift ideas year round, not just at Easter time.

Catholic Easter Basket ideas for kids.  Fun ideas for teaching little ones that Easter is about Jesus. Check out these practical, cute, non candy ways to celebrate Easter and teach your little ones about the Catholic Faith.

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I'm in love with any products from Saintly Heart. I've gotten my girls her handpainted saints for the past few years for their Easter baskets. They switched from the peg dolls to having wood figures with their saint paintings on them. I of course had to buy all of them as soon as they came out. They are also creating more and more wooden Catholic toys for kids. They currently have an Easter playset, a Stations of the Cross Set, and a Saints ABC Puzzle that we love. Check out all of their awesome products here

They also have an Encyclopedia of  Peg Saints that covers 36 saints.  This would be awesome to have and then add a few peg Saints to the Easter basket.  My girls LOVE playing with any sort of figurine, so this would be an awesome way to learn about the saints in a kid friendly way. 

wooden rosary

Wooden Rosary
This is a gift that my daughter got as a baby or toddler but is definitely more appropriate for her now as we try to pray parts of the rosary together.  The big wooden beads make it easy for little hands to hold. I also like that each decade is a different color to teach little ones that those beads go together.  

God's Easter gifts

Written by a librarian at a Catholic school, this is a fun religious Easter book.  Two kids go out after church for an egg hunt expecting candy, but instead learn about Gifts from God.  This book teaches about the events of Lent and Easter and helps children to understand the true meaning of Easter.

Catholic saints for children book

This is a great introduction to 30 saints.  For each saint there is a kid friendly short biography and prayers to the saint.  It is always nice to have a kid friendly version to start introducing children to our friends, the saints.  

My daughter got this for Easter when she was one or two.  It was a great stuffed animal, but it has become more of a learning tool as she has gotten older.  When you push a button, the lamb recites Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be. Such a cute way for little ones to start learning prayers of our faith. They actually have a bunch of animals available now that include different prayers, songs, or sayings. You can find the Wee Believers Lil' Prayer Buddies here or on Amazon here.

Catholic bible stories

It is often hard to find a Catholic Bible for kids and when you are looking for ones appropriate for preschoolers, you really need to find something that is short and concise, yet engaging.  This book includes 50 Bible stories, Catholic prayers, and Faith to Grow for each story that ties it into the Catholic faith.

Resurrection eggs

Resurrection Eggs
When my girls were younger, we did a quick handmade printable version of resurrection eggs.  My oldest got really good at looking at the symbol and retelling the events of the Easter Story.  I bought this version and really like it because instead of paper, it has sturdy items that can be reused year after year.  It is perfect to use during Holy Week.

Easter books for kids

This is one of our favorite books to read to our first graders in religious education every year. It is the story of a sad little donkey who turns out to have the most important job of carrying Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.  A book written for kids but a great way to talk about Palm Sunday, Holy Week and the Easter Story.

I recently bought my girls these Mysteries of the Rosary books for kids from Holy Heroes. I thought it would be a helpful visual for them during Lent. Each page has a picture of what bead they should be on, the beginning of the prayer they should be saying, and a picture from the mystery to help them focus on. I've never seen anything like this and it is so engaging for kids. Some of the books are available on Amazon, if you would rather shop there.

Brickhouse in the City offers a variety of shirts and even has a children's section. Their shipping has always been really quick for me. 

 Check out Shining Light Dolls for some adorable saints gifts. They have charms/keychains, plastic and plush dolls, Easter egg wraps, pins, stickers, prayer cards and more. So many great options!

I've ordered a lot of Catholic goodies from My Catholic Kids over the years. We also own the Unus Deus game (like Uno but with a Catholic twist), the Fishing for Saints game, and the Fishing for Bible Characters Game. It is always fun when you can combine learning and a game!

This Mass set would be a fun way for little ones to become more familiar with the items used during Mass. I've seen several wood sets that are beautiful, but expensive. This would be an affordable (though less durable) option. 

Catholic books for kids

I love the books by Kimberly Fries. They are simply, beautifully illustrated and perfect for young kids to read and understand. My second grader enjoys her books because she can read them on her own. This Girl Saints book would make a great gift, and she also has a boy's version.

Here's another book idea for you! This book, told in rhyme, is the Easter story, but a different version. This is all about how the gates of heaven were opened because of Jesus' death and resurrection and how we can now spend eternity with God. It does a great job of going back to explain how God created man & women, they sinned causing the gates of heaven to be closed, and how with his life, Jesus saved us all and reunited us with our Father in heaven.
Seek and find Easter book

Ready, Set, Find Easter is a great addition to your church bag. It keeps little ones entertained as they have to search for the different items in the Easter scenes. 

We love puzzles and being able to add Catholic puzzles to our collection has been amazing. We have the one above from Shining Light DollsThese saint puzzles from Fiat to Halo are fun and come in different puzzle piece amounts. So far we have the St. Therese one in our collection. 

Cross bracelet

Jewelry is always a hit, especially with my girls. These cross bracelets are inexpensive and come in a variety of colors. I also love that they are elastic so they fit easier on little wrists.
Easter dot markers book

Dot Markers are a fun activity for toddlers and even kids older than that. My girls still love playing with ours. Pair it with this Easter book that has religious pictures with the dots already drawn in, ready to be stamped with markers.

I've also tried to keep a list on my Amazon storefront of Catholic resources for kids that I love and use. Many of these are books and again would be great for Easter, or any time of the year. You can find my Catholic Resources List here.

Etsy is also a great place to find handmade religious items. I search there all the time for unique gifts for our girls and to gift to others. Here are a few of our latest purchases:

I loved these watercolor bookmarks of the saints. I grabbed one for each of my older daughters with their favorite/patron saint. These Holy Trinity Wood Lacing Toys are going to be perfect for my 3 year old. I love montessori style wood toys. We've also purchased an assortment of saint wood peg dolls from a variety of sellers. We've also ordered saint water bottle stickers from multiple sellers that have been fun and unique.

Hopefully this gives you some great gift ideas and small Catholic businesses to support whether you are looking for Easter basket ideas for your Catholic kids, or Catholic gifts for anytime of the year. These would also make great gift ideas for celebrating the sacraments.