Winter Fun + Valentine's Day FREEBIES

We've been working on all things winter and have Valentine's Day ready to go for next week.  It has been a weird weather year for us so it has been odd to be doing snow activities when there is NO snow to be seen.  Definitely unusual for Michigan in January.  I've finally gotten around to posting our winter preschool unit in my store. 

My winter unit is designed for preschool and kindergarten. A variety of ages can benefit from these activities. If you want to use them, just adjust the activity for your little one. For example, for younger students, only focus on a few numbers or letters at a time. Older students in kindgarten might be able to handle using all the letters of the alphabet in these activities. I love that my kids can grow into these activities!

I've turned two of the activities into FREEBIES, so keep reading to the end to download your free Valentine templates and puzzles.
Winter activities and games for kids!  Includes winter theme and Valentine's Day printable activities.

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Here's a peek at some of what is included in the unit:

Snowball Fight Letter and Number Identification

Throw the "snowballs" until you hear the word stop.  Grab a snowball, open it up and read the letter or number inside.  Repeat.  All. Day. Long!  We loved this one!
Winter activities and games for kids!  Includes winter theme and Valentine's Day printable activities.

Just print out the letters or numbers your child is working on if they aren't ready for all the letters or number 1-10. Make this work for you. 

Letter and number identification with a snowball fight

 Winter Themed Maze Booklets

K is really into doing mazes right now.  She loves to do them on placemats at restaurants and she is actually pretty good at them.  I made her some mini books with winter shapes.
Winter mazes for preschool and kindergarten

 Valentine's Day Tens Frame Match

A new matching game and a reason to use my cute felt envelope from Target.  I think this is going to go in K's quiet boxes next week.
Heart themed tens frame match to practice counting up to ten

 Spin and Cover Games

We loved playing these with our December unit so I made some more with a winter and Valentine's Day theme.

Spin and cover games to practice letter and number identification

This is a great way to practice identifying letters and numbers. It could be done independently or played like a game where each player takes a turn. 

Spin and cover games to practice letter and number identification

You can use a pencil and paper clip as a spinner or the spinners in the pictures are available on Amazon. (affiliate link)

 Snowman Sequencing

In this quick activity, K had to sequence the steps to make a snowman and then use the pieces to build her own.  This is when having some snow outside would have been handy because we could have made a real one.  Oh well.  It is only January so I'm sure we will get some snow soon.

Practice sequencing the steps for building a snowman

 Playdough Mats

Playdough is always a hit around here and it gives my girls a chance to make some more snowballs - yet another kind that doesn't melt!
Winter themed playdough mats for practicing numbers 1-10

If you don't want to use playdough, you could always use mini marshmallows, small erasers or write with a dry erase marker if you laminate it or use plastic pouches.

Purchase these Winter PreK/K Activities HERE

 Arctic Animal Clip Cards

I love clip cards. They are an easy activity with a built in self checking option. Pair it with cute clothespins (Target for the win again) and it is a definite win! This set focuses on counting up to 10.
Practice counting 1-10 and get some fine motor practice with winter animal clip cards

 Rip Art Templates

Rip art was one of my favorite art mediums to use in the classroom.  It was so fun to see the pictures my students could create with just ripped construction paper.  It was one of my favorite ways for them to illustrate their books.  I made a few templates so we can try ripping paper and gluing it down next week.
Heart rip art for fine motor skills

Heart rip art for fine motor skills

Purchase these Winter PreK/K Activities HERE

Pompom Match

Another great way to build fine motor skills is with these pompom match pictures. I've included some winter and some valentine's day pictures. Just set out small pompoms in a variety of colors (or pull out just the colors shown in the picture to make it easier.) Then pick up a pompom and set it on the matching color on the picture. For an added challenge use tweezers to pick up the pompoms.

Build fine motor skills with winter themed pom pom cards

QTip Painting

QTip painting is another great way to build fine motor skills and work on grip. Just grab some Q Tips and some paint and paint these winter themed pictures by making little dots of color.
Use Q Tips to paint winter pictures with tiny dots

Letter and Number Tracing

Laminate these or put them in a reusable plastic pouch and then grab a dry erase marker and practice tracing the letters (A-Z included) and the numbers (1-10 included). If your child isn't ready yet for tracing, they can use playdough, mini erasers, or mini marshmallows to "fill" each letter to create it.
Trace letters and numbers

Letter and Number Cards

Number and letter cards for sequencing and matching

I included some letter and number cards in this unit that could be used in a ton of different ways. Pull out just the ones your student is working on and practice identifying the letter and sound. Put them in order (sequencing.) Print multiple sets and play a matching game. Laminate and stick in a winter themed sensory bin. You can use these so many different ways and year round.


Love these free Valentine's Day printable cards templates.
I created two different valentine's templates.  One is a foldable valentine that makes a heart  and has "I love you because" as the prompt.  
Love these free Valentine's Day printable cards templates.
 I also did a flipbook valentine.  The top page says "Happy Valentine's Day," the middle page says Me and You and is designed for a picture, and the last page says "I love you because."
Love these free Valentine's Day printable cards templates.

But wait, I have one more freebie for you.  This is a heart puzzle that has four different ways to make each number (1-10).  In the interest of full disclosure, this can be tedious to cut out because they are not standard shapes.  However, the thick black line is very forgiving so you can easily assemble the puzzles even if the cuts aren't exact.  
Love these free Valentine's Day printable number puzzles!

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