Five For Friday

Five for Friday...on Saturday!  Yesterday got away from me so I figured I would post today since I'm up before the rest of my family.  I love reading everyone's highlights from the week so here is some randomness from mine.  Click the picture above if you want to join us with your week's highlights.
 The weather this winter has been so crazy for Michigan.  As in no snow.  Like all winter.  Unheard of.  We had a big snow storm in November and since then we've had a few inches here or there but not enough to do normal winter activities.  I'm not complaining about the mild winter since I generally don't like the cold and snow but it is odd.  We had one day this week in the 50s so we headed out in the wind to practice riding bikes.
Miracles of Jesus matching cards for kids

 I have one more week of religious education classes before we have two weeks off.  Usually, we do our lesson from the book and I usually come up with a craft/project to go with it.  The past few weeks I've gotten bored with that routine, so I imagine my students were feeling the same way.  I've tried adding games instead of a craft that they take home and they seem to love it.  We learned about the miracles of Jesus so I made a matching game with 10 of the miracles we learned about.

 After we used the cards for a matching game, we used the word cards for a Win, Lose or Draw game.  The kids had so much fun and they really remembered those miracles.  Mission accomplished!
I also made them some clip cards with some of the different items used in the Catholic mass.  These are some tricky words (some of which I didn't know the official names for) but we used the cards on a day the parents came to class, so we had some adults to help read the words.  My kiddos loved it and I loved that we were mixing things up a bit.  
Catholic mass items clip cards are ideal for kids to review the parts of mass

 I finished Three Wishes and I liked it.  It wasn't a page turner but it was still a good storyline and I'm curious to read more of her books.  I have a couple waitlisted from Download Destination through our library.  Does anyone else use this?  You can check out digital books for free.  My problems is that the titles or authors I want rarely have books available so I decided to put my name on the waitlist and see what happens.

While I wait for more books to come to my tablet, I grabbed this one from my nightstand that I've had waiting.  I started reading it last night and am already hooked.  I discovered this author a few months ago and I love everything I've read by her.  It would probably be described as romantic comedy.  Definitely chick lit with a love story and happy ending.  My kind of mindless reading!

 We rented The Martian this week and it was so good.  So good.  Has everyone seen this?  I know I am late to the party - we don't get out to the movies as much as we'd like.  It was a really good movie and I was surprised at how much I liked it since I didn't think I would be interested at all.  Matt Damon as so good and so funny at some parts.  I think we might be buying this and watching it over and over again.
I finally got my Preschool Winter and Valentine's Day unit posted.  You can click the picture to read more about that.

I also took two of the activities and made them into freebies.  Click the pictures below to get those freebies.

Well, time to wake the troops.  Today is ice cream for breakfast day according to my calendar of fun holidays so we will be celebrating.  And then when they are all sugared up, we are leaving them with my mom so we can go attempt to lower our cable bill and get me a new phone.  Woohoo!!  Have a great weekend friends!