Color and Shape Practice Ideas: Sorting

Color sorting activities that make perfect learning fun for toddler and preschool aged kids.

One of the skills I wanted to work on during our color and shape unit, was sorting.  I made a set of cards that we could use for a few different sorting projects.  The cards had shapes and colors on them.  We started by sorting by color.  K got tricked a few times and started focusing on the shape instead of the color.  I realized that maybe my genius plan to double dip and use the same cards to sort by color and by shape were actually confusing her.  But she figured it out and it made her focus on what she was sorting by instead of other attributes.  

One another day, I pulled out the same color words and gave K a bag of stuff.  This was just odds and ends I'd picked up from cleaning up around the house.  I dumped it on the table and had her short the objects by color.

She was able to do this with no problem...except stopping to play with these oh so important long lost toys!!  I love that this was a free activity because we just used things we had around the house to practice need to purchase anything.

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