Project Life: Adding Inserts

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Do you scrapbook?  Do you Project Life?  I am blogging all about Project Life and how it made my scrapbooking so much easier.  I have two young children yet I have easily scrapbooked every week of their lives with this system.  If you want to know more background about Project Life, check out my other posts in this series.
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It is been awhile since my last Project Life post.  A quick recap: it is scrapbooking made easy.  It is a system of pockets that you easily slip in pictures and journaling cards.  You can make it as complex as you want but the bottom line is it is supposed to be so simple.  Get those pictures off your phone and computer, printed and documented.

I love using this system to document our everyday life.  I have every week of my daughters' lives documented.  It includes the small things and the big things.  It is a time capsule of our life.  But what happens when those memories don't fit easily into a 4x6 or 3x4 pocket?  I use inserts if it is something that I need to include but can't bear to cut down to a smaller size.  A few examples of items that I've included as inserts:
-certificates (1st baseball games, swim class completion, baptism, etc.)
-printed out blog posts or longer amounts of journaling
-cards (for different holidays)

This was a busy week with an artwork insert and a certificate to a first Detroit Tigers game behind it.

To do this, I usually use 8 1/2" x 11" page protectors.  Project Life makes different size inserts if you are interested in something else, but I had a ton of these leftover from my teaching days.  I like the insert to be smaller than the normal 12"x12" layout because then you can tell that it is part of that week.  Sometimes, I add a little tab on the side that labels what the insert is.  I do not add an insert each week.  That's a good way to stuff the album fast and I try to get my entire year to fit into one album.  I really try to be selective about when I add an insert.
A blog post printed out as an insert instead of rewriting the story.

Just know that you aren't restricted to what can fit inside the pocket pages.  Add an insert for more information!

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