Five For Friday

Did you know that if you are a blogger, you can get a free shirt from with your logo on it?  I ordered mine this week using their design tool options.  You can customize it with your logo and they even have a TpT logo that you can use.  The turn around time is supposed to be pretty quick though there is a note that they are experiencing high volumes of traffic right now.  I got a shirt from them a few months ago that I won in a contest and I was bummed that the woman's shirt was short and boxy.  This time I went with the unisex version with the hope that it will be longer.  I can't wait to see it in real life.  In the meantime, here is a look at mine.
This week during tutoring, the 4th grade I tutor was getting ready for a test on measurement and converting metric and customary units.  I made her some task cards with QR codes to help her review.  First, I gave her the cards and some washi tape and we hung them up around the room.  

 Then she went through and solved the problems.  There are story problems, less than/greater than problems, and basic covert these unit problems.  The topics covered include length, weight/mass, liquid volume, elapsed time and fractions on a line plot.

 After she solved the problems, she went back and checked the answers by scanning the QR codes.  This always makes it a little more fun.
 When we were done, I sent her home with the cards so that she could practice some more and get ready for her big test.

I posted the task cards in my TpT store in case anyone else can use them.  They come with a color set, a black and white set, two different recording sheets, an answer key (if you don't want to use the QR codes) and a reference sheet for all of the different units and their equivalencies.

I found out this week that I was included in an article on The Work at Home Woman.  The article was all about things women can do from home and still make $1000 a month or more.  You can check it out HERE.  I submitted it awhile ago and never heard anything so I was surprised to get an email saying it was live and I was part of it.  If you haven't heard of HARO (help a reporter out), you should check it out.  It can connect you with blogs, websites, newspapers, magazines and more and you can share you knowledge and what you love to do with others.
This has been a week for blog link ups hasn't it??  I was feeling a little overwhelmed by all the posts I needed to do and the fact that my blog was going to be all link up posts.  Since I have been busy this week, I decided I can't do it all...imagine that.  So I didn't join every link up that I wanted to and I am giving myself permission to skip some link ups some weeks.  I put this crazy pressure on myself to do it all in the small window I have to work on "work" each day.  I think I am also going to have to pass on a book study I was planning to join because I don't have time to read the book and I think the posts would be hard to write and reflect on since I am not currently in the classroom.  Hopefully, all of this will help my to do list get a little smaller (haha) and stay focused on creating and updating products and writing content based blog posts.
We decided last weekend that because we have this weekend free, we should go camping.  It is on our to do list every summer but last summer was too crazy with a baby and a toddler.  This will be M's first camping trip.  I think both girls are going to LOVE it.  Getting dirty, a beach, sand...what's not to love?  Michigan has a lot of great state parks that you can camp in.  Today we are headed to one that is on Lake Huron.  It is going to be a little chilly and there is some rain in the forecast but we are excited.  When we first had K, we upgraded to a 10 person tent (go big or go home, right?) so we have plenty of space for everyone including the dog in the event that we have to stay in the tent for awhile.  We played an amazing game of Tetris last night trying to get everything into our car.  We need a bigger car...stat!!  I'm looking forward to unwinding a bit, having minimal technology (aka no laptop), no makeup, reading time and getting lots of steps for my Fitbit on nature trails and along the beach.

Have a great weekend, friends!!!