Winner Wednesday: Money Centers

8 money centers that include fun activities designed for second grade students are the perfect way to make teaching and reviewing money in small groups and with the whole class easier.

Have you heard about this new linky party hosted by Jennifer at A Dab of Glue Will Do?  On the first Wednesday of every month, she is hosting Winner Wednesday.  You blog about one of your products in detail and include pictures.  Then you have a raffle that lasts just for that day.  The next morning, the winner is announced and is sent the product for free.  Sounds fun, right?  An easy way to discover some new products.  If you want to participate next month, contact Jennifer for more details.  Click the picture above to see who else linked up and what other freebies they are giving away today.

The product I am giving away today is my Ready, Set, Go Centers: Counting Money.  This is a collection of math centers designed for second grade.  There are 8 centers included.  Here is a look at each center in more detail.

Race for a Dollar

In this game, students use a dice (paper one provided or use your own) to practice adding money.  As they roll the dice, they add that much money to the board.  They can trade pennies in for nickels, nickels in for dimes and so forth.  The first student to get to a dollar is the winner.

Pet Shop Math

In this activity, students use a picture of a pet shop with price tags to answer questions on task cards.  There are two different sets of task cards to differentiate in your class. This is the more challenging set where students have to think about how much more money they would need or how much change they would get back.

This is the easier set of task cards.  They use the same picture but students need to use money to show how much each animal costs. 

Count the Room

This is designed to be a read/write the room activity where students are up and moving around the room.  It includes 30 signs with labels for common items found in a classroom (desk, table, door, bookshelf, etc.)  Each sign also has a different amount of coins.  Students have to find the various cards, count the coins and write the total on their recording sheet.  

Money War

This game is played just like the traditional version of war (sometimes called compare) where each student has a stack of cards, they flip one over and the person with the higher amount keeps the cards.  The only difference is there are coins on the card that they have to count first.  It comes with 54 cards.  

I have a smaller version of this game in my TpT store as a FREEBIE.  Click HERE to get your freebie.

Money Memory Game

This card game includes cards with coins on it and a matching set that has the amount written in numbers.  Students can play memory or Go Fish with these to try to find matches.
*You'll notice there are directions in this picture...every center includes printable directions for the students. 

Money Puzzles

These puzzles have 4 pieces that need to be matched up.  Each piece will include a different way to make the same amount of money.

Quarters Galore

In this game, students try to be the first player to earn $5 by moving around the game board while earning and spending quarters.  

Math Journal

The math journal includes 4 different flip pages that can be used in an interactive notebook or as a reference.  Here is a few of the pages in action.


  1. Can't see how to enter the entry spots. Love your interactive notebook pages for money! tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

  2. What a great product! Thank you so much for participating. 😃

  3. I love all of these games! My students love count the room activities because it keeps them moving! :)

    Neat Sweet & Hard to Beat

  4. You have got it covered! This is great!

    Made with Love

  5. My students would just die over that pet shop money game!! What a cute pack, you can never get too much practice on counting money :)