Currently May

Late to the party as usual! :-)  We were out of town this weekend and I did have my computer, but I tried to spend all my free time working on a product that I wanted to post this week.  So here is a peek at my life currently...

Listening:  seriously nothing...which is making the ticking of the clock two rooms over very loud.  I rarely work in silence.  I don't know if it is the teacher in me or what but I can't stand silence.  I need background noise - music, tv, kids, something.  I go to my husband's work and wonder how he gets anything done because it is so silent and then everyone hears your conversation through the cubicles.  So weird to me.  I am trying to do a few quick things before I head to tutoring so I just didn't make time to turn on anything.

Loving:  We had warm (70s) weather all weekend and it looks like we should have it all week.  Even though it is rainy today it still makes me happy to have the windows open and not have to put coats on the girls when we go out.

Thinking:  I am having a week where my to do list is getting crazy...products I wanted to add before the end of the school year, blog posts and promotions for the TpT sale, tackle my TpT wishlist, mother's day gift for my mom, subway art to make, entering some of the awesome giveaways out there this week (I'm still a teacher, right?  Just a different kind...) and the list goes on and on....oh that's right and taking care of two little girls and a house all day.

Wanting:  So my mom turned me on to a store called Charming Charlie's.  I had never heard of it but I also don't get out much especially to shop for myself.  The store is organized by color (be still my teacher heart) and has purses, shoes, accessories, jewelry and some clothes.  We walked in for her to return something and I told her I could probably find everything I need and want for Vegas in that store.  I think I am going to try to do it a little at a time so that my budget doesn't explode.  Just seriously cute and trendy stuff that is affordable.  Do they have these all over?  Why am I just learning about them?  They must have them in CA because my aunt mentioned it when she was in town a few weeks ago which is when my mom discovered the store.

Needing:  I am 3 weeks behind in scrapbooking.  I scrap our everyday life by week in our Project Life album.  Lately it has been hard to stay caught up because I spend all my free time doing blog/TpT stuff.  I need to make an effort this week to catch back up.  I also tend to neglect my house when I want to do TpT stuff.  I pick up and do what I need to but it probably needs a good cleaning.  We are having company this week so it will probably be cleaned then...sad that it only gets cleaned when people come over.

Yes: Vegas - to say I am excited is an understatement!
Hope: I figured when I decided to go to Vegas that we probably wouldn't do many vacations.  Probably just our trip to Mackinac Island.  But my hubby has other plans.  While we were driving up north he was telling me how he has looking not only into our Mackinac trip but also into possibly going to Toronto and one of the Ohio baseball stadiums.  We are trying to get to all the MLB stadiums as a family and are starting with the closest ones.  I thought these got taken off the agenda but was so happy to hear my husband was thinking of a few mini trips this summer.  We've also talked about camping if we can find enough weekends.
Dream: Since my husband decided to skip out on Vegas (and believe me I'm totally okay with it now that I have new online friends to meet and meetups to go to) I would love to be able to escape with him if only for a weekend somewhere.