Some Sunday Craftiness

I'm in a crafting mood.  I've had a bunch of projects that I've been wanting to do around the house.  Not sure what motivated me to get working on them but I've got three of them going on right now and we bought stuff for a few more at IKEA this weekend.

Here's a little makeover to an old set of drawers I had in my classroom.  They were in good shape but the royal blue just didn't go with my kitchen.  I wanted something to put hair clips and rubberbands in.  We always need to pull my daughter's hair back at meal times and we are scrambling to find something downstairs.  I put a little bin together a few weeks ago but it wasn't working because we had to dig too much.  So I thought the drawers would work.  One for rubberbands.  One for clips/barrettes.  And the other one for chapstick and other odds and ends that end up on the counter.

I decided to spray paint this black and red - colors we already had plus it matched the kitchen.  I have a love/hate relationship with spray paint.  I am convinced it is an easy fast miracle cure for everything.  But I get impatient and want the project I'm working on to be done and dry quickly.  I have been painting these darn drawers for well over a week.  I decided to put it in a box and spray it.  I'd seen it done online and it seemed like a great way to contain the overspray.  Except my box was too narrow and I could only do one side at a time.  And each side needed several coats.  It was going okay until I started to get impatient and one day decided to pick it up so I could spray multiple sides.  Then it started dripping and and making a mess.  In trying to wipe it up, some of the paint wiped clean off.

So my final product isn't perfect.  There are dried drips.  There are some bumpy spots where I sprayed too much at once.  But it matches my kitchen.  It holds hair stuff without it being all over my counter.  It makes the organizer in me happy.

Project done!

Happy Sunday!  Here's to a productive week!