Currently: November

Listening: Ever since we got Taylor Swift's new cd last week, it has pretty much been on non stop on the iPod in the house and in the car.  I'm loving it but I'm ready to mix it up with some other music this week!

Loving:  I love fall.  It has been such a great fall here.  Perfect weather.  Today it is sunny and the leaves are still hanging on on some of our trees.  It is definitely chilly but not cold yet.  After the little preview of winter we had on Halloween with snow and freezing conditions, it reminded me that I am not ready for winter.  I hate the freezing cold and the snow that seems to last forever.  If it only lasted a month, I'd probably be okay!

Thinking: People who get excited about an extra hour of sleep when they turn the clocks back clearly don't have small children.  That just means my kids who had been sleeping in til 8 or 9 were up earlier.  Not fun!!  It didn't help that we were out of town so they were up early because they weren't in their normal beds and routines.  And then driving home it was dark so early that I kept thinking it was hours later than it was.  I feel like I'm less productive at night when it gets dark so early.

Wanting:  I have so many ideas in my head and haven't had much of a chance to create lately.  Between our busy fall and prepping for tutoring and religious ed each week, I just don't seem to have as much creating time.  I probably need to schedule out some blog posts for the next few weeks so I can focus on more creating.

Needing:  My little peanut turns one tomorrow and we are having 3 mini parties instead of one big one.  I'm over the big party idea and trying to get both sides of the family together.  Plus my husband comes from a divorced situation so that always adds an extra element into get togethers.  So we are keeping this small and easy.  I'm ordering a cake and we are ordering pizza for the party this weekend.  Keeping it simple! I'm going to a bakery I haven't used before so I need to pick out what flavors we want.  I made her healthy carrot cake cupcakes for her mini party this past weekend and for her actual birthday tomorrow.

Reading:  I'm not too far into this book.  It seems good and pretty predictable so far.

Heading over to link up with Farley and see what everyone else is up to right now!