Five For Friday

Happy Halloween everyone!  It has been a crazy day.  Not as crazy as some of my teacher friends have had, I'm sure.  Busy might be a better word.  Just a lot of running around, errands, cooking, getting ready for a quick trip up north, plus all of the Halloween festivities with my girls.  But I will take that over being a teacher in a classroom on Halloween any day.  Halloween was always the worst day when I was teaching.  The kids were crazy.  We had costume parades which meant we had to get all the kids in costume with only one bathroom to use.  Then we had parties and parents and craziness.  Ugh!  I don't think I started liking Halloween again until I stopped teaching.  So all my teacher friends out there - I totally get it!  Enjoy your weekend - you deserve it!!

And because I have nothing packed for our trip to see my in laws and we leave in 9 hours, this is going to be short and sweet.

These were our costumes this year.  Of course K was Anna.  Only with an actual costume - not just a dress from her closet and braids like every other day.  My mom made her the cape and the dress was actually Frozen pajamas from Target.  It was starting to snow as we headed out the door so we went back in and stuck a coat under the cape.  M was going to be an owl and use K's old costume but my mom bought her this monkey costume from Costco since she is our little climber.  She was not interested in pictures, or her hat, or being out in the cold.  She just wanted to go to bed.

These were our pumpkins.  When I was little we NEVER used a stencil.  But ever since I got married, we do every year and we get so many compliments on our pumpkins.  Probably because not many people on our cul de sac have pumpkins out or kids for that matter.  We often do something popular for that year- Angry Birds a few years ago.  Last year was a Detroit D and then Elmo and Curious George because K was into them at the time.  This year we decided on Mickey and Minnie because that is K's current favorite show.  We were thinking just the simple round head and two ears.  Not so much with this tracer.   Last night as we each carved one, we were like why do we do this?  When do we get to the point where the kids draw simple shapes on the pumpkin and we cut them out??  Ha!!  And Olaf I saw on Pinterest and knew we had to try due to the Frozen obsession in our house.  Then I thought it would be fun if we could find white pumpkins and Voila!  Olaf!

A nice blurry shot of my favorite candy.  We had two big Coscto bags - one chocolate, one non chocolate.  These are my favorites so they are the last to be handed out.  This year we had very few kids come to the door.  It was still way more than I had growing up on a dirt road which was always zero.  But it still wasn't as many as we have normally, so we have lots of leftovers!!

I decided last week that I wanted to make shirts for the girls (and some other family members) using my Silhouette Cameo.  I had never used my fabric blade.  It worked out really well.  It was super easy once I figured out how to do it and what interfacing to use.  Then I had my mom sew around it to make sure they stayed on after washing.  The girls were not about taking pictures today.  We tried sitting up, laying down.  Didn't matter.  They were all blurry and a hot mess.  This actually made me laugh and clearly made M laugh too.

Still loving my 100s Days of Real Food  cookbook.  After reading through the background information and what to look for when I shop, I tried a few recipes.  I made these pumpkin muffins earlier this week and we weren't too impressed.  We ate them but I felt like they needed something.  I made them again and put raisins in some and chocolate chips in the others.  So much better!! I also made the onion dip tonight and it was so good.  I made the carrot cake and frosting for M's first first birthday party (she's having 3 mini parties instead of a big one.)  I was so proud of myself this week when I went to a few stores and actually read labels and found healthy whole foods in stores I wouldn't have expected (like Target.)  I don't think this will be too hard to find healthy alternatives to some of the more processed things we were eating.  It is just a matter of eating through everything in the house and replacing it with better alternatives.

Okay-  I have to pack and get to bed.  Happy weekend everyone!!