You Oughta Know About the Best Highlighters for Kids

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I'm so excited to be joining Jasmine at Buzzing with Mrs. McClain and lots of other bloggers for tips for teachers in a blog hop called You Oughta Know!  She just got a blog makeover and it is ADORABLE.  The color combination and bee theme is too cute!

Kids love highlighting.  It's a fact.  They love it.  They love it so much they highlight and highlight until the page is soaking wet and the color has bled through to the back of the page.  There are so many different ways to use highlighters in the classroom at all different levels.  I never gave too much thought to highlighting with my second graders.  We had certain activities where they needed to highlight.  They went to the supply holder and grabbed a highlighter.  Done.  If only I had known about the BEST. HIGHLIGHTER. EVER.  You oughta know about these bad boys...Sharpie Gel Highlighters.

As I was preparing for tutoring last year I grabbed a highlighter out of my teaching supplies and just happened to grab the yellow Sharpie Gel Highlighter.  Boy were we in for a treat.  The girls I tutor instantly fell in love and asked what else they could highlight.  Then they asked if they could have them.  They are that much fun.  So we used it as a bribe - if they got 100% on their reading test, they could have my highlighter.  I went out and bought a new pack with pink and orange but I still have my highlighters.  And we use them every week.

What's so special about these you ask?  Well because they are gel, they are almost like a crayon in texture.  Yet they glow like a regular highlighter.  Because they are crayon like, there is no soaking through the paper or smearing the ink.

 You can twist the bottom to get more highlighter to appear once you've flattened it.  It's like a self sharpening, glowing crayon.  What??

I can't tell you how much it has motivated the two girls I tutor.  As long as I let them highlight, they don't fight me on doing the work.  I don't know why I didn't know about this in the classroom but I probably would have bought a classroom set every year and made sure we had lots of activities to highlight.  So easy to use!

*I bought a three pack last year at Target for just under $5 but the pricing and availability could vary in your area.*

Okay, friends.  I just did a quick Amazon search after reading some of your comments.  Looks like they have pretty good deals over there and all different size packs.  I'm noticing a blue and green that I don't own.  Time to add to my shopping cart!

So that's what I think you oughta know about right now.  Hop on over to some other teacher bloggers to find more ideas.