Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone.  I felt inspired to post a few pics from our weekend...

Friday - date night and birthday surprise.  And my husband didn't disappoint.  He had clues with little rhymes in it.  When I solved the clue and guessed where we were headed, I'd get another envelope with a gift card to the store we were going to.  And I got to shop.  For me.  Without the girls.  It was fun and hard!  I feel like I have a million things I want but don't buy myself until I have free reign of Target and then I can't come up with anything!! Ha.  I got some new clothes from Target, a pair of ankle boots from DSW and then we had dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings (my favorite casual restaurant) and then dessert at Coldstone Creamery.  Such a fun night with lots of surprises and effort from my husband.  He even tried on shoes and bought two pair.  That made me almost as happy as buying stuff for me.  He never shops and never buys himself anything.  The last time we bought him shoes was probably 4 or 5 years ago.  Crazy!!

Saturday - we did a lot of driving and got to a pumpkin patch.  The weather cooperated and I think my sister in law got some great shots of M for her first birthday pictures.  I got some good ones with just my phone so I'm guessing hers are even better.  The pumpkins were almost gone but we enjoyed the wagon ride and found some small pumpkins.  Then we wandered through the corn maze and bought some local syrup.  Fun time on the farm.  We headed home for late naps for the girls.  J watched the MSU vs UM game.  I didn't watch much.  I was trying to get stuff done while the girls slept plus my team was getting creamed!!

Sunday -
Today I tried a new pumpkin muffin recipe from my new cookbook.  I didn't love it.  Not sweet enough for me but both girls ate one without complaint.  My husband said "They taste healthy."  Then we headed to church and the girls have been napping ever since.  I'm getting inside stuff done while J is doing yardwork.  It is sunny and 60 out so I'm excited for the girls to get up so we can play outside and enjoy this beautiful fall weather before it is gone.