Currently: October

Listening:  Loving Tim McGraw's new cd.  Not that he could do anything I don't love but it has a good mix of upbeat songs and slow songs.  I'm loving "Overrated" and "Lincoln Continentals and Cadilacs" that features Kid Rock.

Loving:  OMG you guys.  This is yummy!  I've been drawn to the simplicity of the packaging and I've heard it is good but it is expensive for a little pint.  But last time I was shopping I thought 'Mommy needs a treat.'  I picked the flavor that was on sale so I think it was just under $5.  I opened it the other night and brought two spoons to the couch and my husband and I took down half the container while chatting away.  We had to stop ourselves.  This flavor is so good.  There are little candies in it that are chocolate with caramel in the middle - like mini Rolos.

Thinking:  The wedding is 16 days away.  This speech has been stressing me out for months.  I think about it in the middle of the night.  Not because I don't have ideas.  It it just the fear of having to stand up and speak in front of a crowd.  I am an introvert and this just freaks me out.  Now, I know I taught in front of a classroom for 7+ years but it is so different talking to adults than talking to kiddos.  I probably need to get my ideas out on paper and then maybe it will help calm me down.  I'm going with short and sweet focusing on a toast and less on story telling.  An attempt to be serious with some funny parts to keep it light and hopefully keep me from crying.

Wanting:  New clothes!!  This is when I hate social media...and sale emails....stop making me want things!!  I just keep telling myself maybe just a few things if they are cheap.  And I'm justifying it as we need coordinating outfits for family pictures next weekend and I need outfits for the rehearsal and brunch for my sister's wedding.  AHH!!!

Needing:  A yucky cold has hit our house this week.  I've been popping Zicam like it is my job so I have avoided most of it.  But the girls have runny noses and my hubby has been miserable with congestion too.  We've stayed home all week to avoid spreading germs and crabby meltdowns but I'm ready to get out!

Treat:  How about a sale?  All my Halloween products are on sale through the weekend.  Enjoy!

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