Five For Friday

Yay!  So glad it is Friday.  So so glad this week is almost over.  I'm sure a lot of my teacher friends who are finishing their first week are thinking the same thing.  This hasn't been a fabulous week for us so I'm glad it is almost done.

My husband was out of town for the week for work and has a golf outing all weekend.  Not fun!  It gives me so much appreciation for single moms in all different situations who have to do this all the time.  Luckily I only have to do it about once a month or so.  It is a lot of work to be with two little ones and have no one come home to help at 5:30.  Luckily, my family is close by and have come to visit and helped give me the breaks I needed.  Because we had been gone all weekend our grass was out of control and my husband couldn't get it done on Monday because we got home too late and it was wet from storms.  So I said I could handle it.  UGH!  I think it is only the second or third time I've done it in the 5 years we've lived here.  I loved cutting the grass at my parent's house because we had a riding lawnmower.  Now with a push mower and two little ones - not fun.  So I put the girls to bed early one night and busted it out in less than an hour.  Definitely got my workout for the day.

So what is worse than your husband being out of town all week?  How about your car dying on the side of the road with two kids and a trunk full of groceries??  Yep!  That was our Thursday.  Thankfully my mom was with us after a morning of shopping.  So we could try to get everything taken care of together.  It was just hard because everyone I would call (my husband, my dad, etc.) was out of town or working and not in the area.  I called my neighbor and he said it sounded like the alternator and confirmed that with some mechanics at his work.  Someone came out and tried to jump the car but there wasn't enough power to put it in gear.  We were only a half mile from my mom's house so we were just going to walk back to her house (I had my stroller in the trunk because we had been at the mall) and then put the girls down for a nap and come back with her car to get the groceries.  Before we did this my sister in law got to us and drove us back to my mom's, then waited for a tow truck with me and took me to drop the car off.  So hopefully it will be ready today so I won't have to be without a car for the weekend.  Not how I wanted to spend the estimated $500 it is going to cost.  Just grateful that it happened when it did and where it did versus while we were driving home from up north this past weekend and were stuck in some small town.  

I finished another product over the weekend but needed my husband's computer to lock it down.  Hopefully, I can get it posted this weekend.  This is part of my kindergarten math centers.  This is picture puzzles that practice sequencing numbers 1-30.

So my blog designer, Kristy Bearfield, has a lot of helpful hints on her blog for bloggers.  I used a link she gave and another tutorial she created this week.  I noticed earlier this week that my blog no longer had the pin it button in the corner of each picture.  I emailed Kristy to see if something happened and she told me that it is an extension that you have in Google Chrome so the people viewing my site need to have it.  Duh!  So not everyone is seeing what I see.  Instead of paying more money for custom pin it buttons I followed this tutorial that she linked on her website and put the generic pin it buttons on my site.  HTML code is still way over my head but it is nice when I can figure out little things like this on my own.  

She also had another tutorial for how to get your cha-ching back on your phone.  The TpT app hasn't been working and I was missing that cha-ching sound and instead checked my phone every time I heard my gmail notification.  After following her tutorial, I have a cha-ching now when I sell something.  It isn't the same as the app but still nice to have that notification back.  
Check out her tutorial HERE.

So after the week we've had, I need a relaxing weekend. 
My Plan for the weekend:
-Pick up the house/quick clean during naptime this afternoon
-Hopefully pick up my car today
-Trip to the zoo tomorrow
-Church on Sunday
-Hubby comes home Sunday night

and in between all of that I'm planning on enjoying some quiet time while the girls are sleeping to create, watch movies (we have the movie channels for free this weekend through our cable company), and have a drink (a bottle of Lindeman's Framboise is sitting on my counter with my name on it.)

Happy Friday!  Here's to a better next week!