Currently - September 2014

A great way to start off a new month....The awesome currently link up!! 

Listening - K, my two year old, has fallen in love with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney Jr.  She asks for it anytime we say she can watch a show.  We were laughing the other day that this generation (and a 2 year old in particular) have no concept of the term "it's not on right now" because at any given point we can usually find what she wants on tv, on the dvr, on demand or on Netflix.  Instant gratification at its finest!!

Loving - this is the first year since I've been home full time that I've really been happy that I'm at home.  Usually I'm more sad on the first day that I'm not in the classroom but after a long weekend away from home followed by a 4 hour ride that turned into a 6 hour car ride with crying and crabbiness (from all of us), I am so happy to be home today.  We need to regroup today, be lazy, catch up on naps, get back in our routine and be happy!

Thinking - I have so many ideas right now and not enough time to create.  Last year I was struggling for some inspiration for new products and now my list is overflowing.  I spent some time this weekend working on some more kindergarten math centers.  I also spent some time sketching some ideas in the car for more interactive notebook products I want to make.  I also need to get started on some projects for my religious ed classroom that I might put up in my store for the first time this year.

Wanting - Summer!  I love it, I already miss it.  It still feels like summer here but I know soon enough we won't be able to pretend it is summer still.  I just love the warm weather, the idea of being outside, not bundling up to go somewhere...and the list goes on.

Needing - I guess I need to get some things done around the house this week.  My hubby is out of town all week for work and weekend for a golf tournament.  NOT fun for us.  Before kids that would have meant I watched movies, relaxed, let the house get messy and didn't cook dinner.  But with kids that isn't really an option.  Plus I promised my husband that I would cut the grass this week so he didn't have to go out last night and cut the wet grass when we got home.  This will probably be the third time I've done it since we bought the house 5 1/2 years ago.  Not my favorite job!!

3 Trips - we've been talking about some potential upcoming trips but they are smaller scale and places we've been before like Mackinac Island and Florida.  It is funny that we talk about these trips as we are in the car with two small children who are crying, fussing and wanting to get out of their carseats and I'm saying I never want to leave the house and travel with kids again!!!  But some of our dream trips would be Hawaii - my husband has been but I haven't and I'd like to say I've seen it even though it would be a long trip for us.  I've always thought Greece sounds like a great trip - to relax and eat and look at the beautiful views.  Southern Italy has been on my list ever since we went to Italy as a family 8 (or so) years ago.  We did a tour and saw a lot of the country but it was mostly the northern part.  I'd love to go back and show my husband everything we saw but also explore the southern part.