Book Talk Tuesday: Hooway For Wodney Wat

I love using this book at the beginning of the year when we talk about the class rule, Be Kind.  There are lots of examples of students NOT being kind in this book.  The students often make fun of Rodney because he pronounces his r's as w's.  I bet you can think of a few of your little ones who talk this same way.

Then one day a new student moves to their classroom and she is a BULLY!  Everyone is afraid of her, Rodney included.

 Rodney ends up becoming the hero of the class by outsmarting Camilla, the bully.  Without meaning to, he sends her packing because she doesn't understand what he is saying when he starts his words with w's instead of r's.  Everyone cheers for Rodney and is happy that their problem is solved.

Not only is this a good book to talk about being kind to others but it can also start a discussion about bullying and differences in others - even in the way we talk.