Ham & Pickles First Day of School

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This is a funny book for back to school season and would be great on the first day of school.  The brother's silly advice for his sister's first day of school is funny to read to kids to ease their nerves.
Ham and Pickles First Day of School is good book for K-2 students for the first few days of the new school year.  The younger sister has lots of what if questions about the start of school.  Her brother gives her a silly way to handle each situation.  His advice is creating a disaster of a first day for her and she learns that she is going to fine at school after all.

My students thought this book was so funny because the advice the brother gave wasn't the typical advice you would give to someone who is nervous about school.  It provides a great opportunity to talk about the beginning of the year, the routines and procedures and what they might be nervous about.

You could even have the students do a class book where they share their what if questions about the school year and then pretend they are the brother and write silly ways to handle it.