Five For Friday

Friday already???  A fast and busy week for us.  Can't believe the weekend is almost here.

We had a great long weekend in Pittsburgh.  Such a fun city and great to visit family.  We had a few firsts...outdoor movie overlooking the city.  It was the original Willy Wonka but we didn't even make it to the good part before we had to leave.  It was too late and the girls were exhausted!   
 Also our first visit to PNC Park.  Our Detroit Tigers got crushed but fun to visit a different ballpark.

My cucumbers are still coming in fast and furious.  This week I made some SUPER easy pickles.  We've made these the past few summers and love them.  They are easy to make and taste good.  You can eat them the next day or wait a few weeks and they are still good.  I made three jars and still have 3 cucumbers leftover.  The recipe I use can be found HERE.  I added some mild jalapenos to one jar to see what it would do to the flavor.  

We have been having a "staycation" this week once we got home from Pittsburgh.  My husband has been home but we have been on the go the whole time it feels like.  So I haven't had a lot of time for creating.  I've been working a bit on my kindergarten math centers and have almost finished my 0-30 matching cards (different than the base ten version.)

A small circus was in town (like on the same road we live on) and we decided to try taking the girls.  It was around the time of their bedtime so we debated if it would be a good idea.  It was.  A win for Mommy and Daddy!  K LOVED it.  We rode a camel before the show even started.  Then the show started and she loved seeing the tigers, elephants, zebras, dogs and other animals.  I think she was most into the acrobats/gymnasts/trapeze artists because she was trying to imitate them during the intermission.  We all had a good time and a very tired M fell asleep at the very end.  I was worried two years old would be too young but it was perfect for this setting. I didn't have to worry about her being quiet and sitting still - she was surrounded by kids and engaged for most of the night.  Awesome experience!

 We are planning a Detroit/Michigan TpT/blogger meetup next week.  So excited to meet and network with others in a similar situation and location.  If you want more info, check out this Facebook invite or if you don't use Facebook like me, you can email me for more info.

Happy Friday!