Ten Bug Books Your Kids Will Love

Preview: 10 Bug books your kids will love

As spring approaches, do you have a bug lover who would love to get their hands on some new bug books? I've got ten bug books your kids will love. From abc books, to poetry books, to silly fiction books and board books, we've found something for everyone.

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This is a cute and unique board book that features cut out and dimensional bugs throughout the book. There is no story too it, but instead focuses on vocabulary words related to each bug. There are nouns and adjectives that describe what the bug looks like, body parts, environment, or general information related to each bug. Then there are also verbs that describe the bug and what it does. I love how unique this book is and think kids will love to learn new vocabulary while feeling the shapes and cutouts of the book.

The bright illustrations in this book make for a fun read. Each page is an alliteration with different bugs doing various things that start with the same letter (ladybugs laugh, moths mingle, etc.) A fun and easy read yet a good introduction to different vocabulary and basic alliteration.

This book has great illustrations that kids will love. There is so much going on in each picture with bright beautiful colors. The book is all about different things that bugs do (using all different verbs) - hide, hunt, hop, glide, swim, etc. At the end, it has a page with pictures of all different bugs and labels so you can learn the exact names.

This is a cute story about a spider who just wants to be a family pet, but the family has other ideas. Every time they see her they are scared and take her out of their house. They finally change their mind after seeing the beautiful sparkly webs she makes outside. This is definitely a relatable story for when you find spiders in your house!

This is a good read especially for kids who are grossed out by bugs. It explores lots of different types of bugs (through short rhymes) and features a lot of the "gross" things about bugs. The illustrations are really cute and colorful and will help kids realize bugs aren't so bad!

The grouchy ladybug meets other animals (going in size from smallest to largest) and challenges them to a fight, only to tell them they aren't big enough. Each animal has a different time on the page so children can work on telling time and ordering by size as they follow the ladybug on her journey.

This is a fun addition to this bug book collection because it is a poetry book. Each page is a different poem about a different bug. It is a great introduction to poetry as well as to different bugs and crawly creatures.

This is another fun abc book where each page has a different bug, but then it also gives facts about each bug. I like that the details about each bug aren't always the common facts and sometimes give more intriguing details. Perfect for kiddos who love bugs.

 This is a funny book written in a diary format. Woven throughout the funny tale there are definitely facts to be learned about worms and other insects and what they can and can't do even though the story is fiction.

This is very similar to Diary of a Worm mentioned above except for that the main character it is a spider. It is still a fiction story and a funny one at that, but there are also real facts about spiders and other bugs that are mentioned throughout the book.

Which of the ten bug books are you excited to try out?

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