10 Spring Picture Books Your Kids Will Love

Preview: 10 picture books for kids all about spring

Spring is around the corner (hopefully) so we are bringing some spring into our house with new picture books. We rounded up ten spring picture books that we think your kids will love.
10 picture books for kids all about spring

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In this cute rhyming book, the author transitions from winter to spring and then hints at summer at the very end. The text is very short and rhyming and includes words to describe the things we do and see during the spring season.

Mole wakes up to discover that spring has arrived. Mole tries everything to wake up Bear to tell him that spring is here, but nothing will work. He finally makes him breakfast in bed which wakes him up. He is excited for spring, but not Mole is tired after all the work to prepare breakfast.


This book bounces back and forth between spring and winter. A lot of pages are about "before spring comes" and then "but if you wait" and then he shares what awesome things happen when spring finally arrives. Most of this focuses on what happens outside - grass turning green, seeds starting to grow, rain, new animals, etc. Just when you think you are done waiting, he finishes with you have to wait for summer!

Little ones will have fun with this book. Each page has a "magic word" and shows the before picture of what it would look like before spring. Then they open the folded page to reveal what it looks like when spring magically appears. Some of the nature that changes is snow melting, trees budding, flowers blooming, birds arriving and eggs hatching.

This book is all about how much patience it takes to get to spring. A little boy and his dog plant some seeds in the brown garden. They wait and wait and keep checking worried that animals have taken their seeds. Finally, after some rain and some sun, their garden is green and their seeds are beginning to sprout.

I love the illustrations in this sweet book all about having patience. Bear is eager for his first spring. His mother tells him he needs to wait and sleep first. Instead he sneaks out of the den in search of spring. All of the animals are busy preparing for winter and tell him he needs to wait. He starts to see snowflakes and thinks he has finally found spring. He returns to his den and falls fast asleep only to discover that what he thought was spring, really wasn't when he wakes up to trees in bloom and flowers in the grass.

This is not your typical spring book. I thought it would be as it started out with a bear waking after winter to the spring air. But it takes a silly turn when Little Bear goes in search of Papa and ends up finding him at the circus, along with Mama Bear and a new Teeny Tiny Bear to complete their family. Each page has a cut out where you can see parts of the next page. This makes it great for little ones to predict what is coming next and what they think Little Bear will find.

If you child is a fan of the Little Blue Truck series, they will love this spring time version. This is available as a board book and includes flaps to lift that are covering all different baby animals that you might see in the springtime. 

This is another sweet story about a mother and daughter planting a garden to watch how something small can bloom into a big beautiful garden. Throughout the book there are subtle hints that the garden parallels the growth and milestones of the little girl and that the garden represents the relationship between the mom and her daughter.

This book takes a different look at spring than a lot of the other books do where the animals are looking forward to spring. Rabbit is NOT excited about spring and keeps talking about what he will miss about spring. His friends Bear, Bird and Mouse try to remind him about all of the great things that they can expect in spring.