10 Dinosaur Books Your Kids Will Love

Do you have a little one who is interested in dinosaurs? Check out these ten dinosaur picture books that your kids will love. Some are funny and silly, others are sweet and sentimental. They are all a roaring good time (ha see what I did there.)
10 Dinosaur books your kids will love. Have you read these picture books?

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This cute book is going to be relatable to SO many moms out there, especially moms of toddlers. It is all about the daily battles with kids - trying to sleep in, trying to take a shower, trying to run errands, trying to clean up, trying to get ready for bed. And most of the time, the dinosaur wins, not the mommy!!

Get your dinosaur skills ready. This one is going to require you to read some of the real names of dinosaurs but it is worth it. In this rhyming book, all the dinosaurs are busy at school and the Tyrannosaurus keeps wrecking everything. They get frustrated with him but it makes him sad so they take time to teach him and he works hard to do the right thing and not make a mess.

Gus is a dinosaur bus that all the kids love. He is the best way to get to school. But he is causing big problems throughout the city because he is so big. The principal is forced to make Gus stop being a bus. Gus is sad and cries big giant tears that turn into a pool. The kids realize that Gus is the perfect slide and playground for them to play on at school.

In this silly tale, the dinosaurs go through the process of a rocket launch. Once in space they explore the moon, ride their moon buggies, play soccer and more. Then it is time to return to earth with a safe landing. Each page is filled with sound words and short text and pictures of the dinosaurs acting like humans.

In this cute story, seven critters try to save their forest home from being torn down. They decide to build a giant dinosaur and scare away the people who wanted to tear the trees down. It worked for awhile until one day they tripped and all came rolling out of the dinosaur. Scientists and reporters saw them and realized they were endangered species and declared their area of the forest protected. They were safe after all and didn't have to keep pretending to be dinosaurs.

Erin decides she is going to invite a dinosaur to her sixth birthday. The whole book is her letter to the dinosaur describing how to get to her house and what they will do at her party. The letter ends and the final page is Erin and her family opening the door with surprised looks on their faces. This would be great to have little ones predict what happens in the end.

This is another where you have to get your technical dinosaur names ready! A book that counts down from 10 to zero is perfect for the dinosaur lover in your life. Short book, but tricky dinosaur names.

This book is fun and different than the others because it is a wordless picture book. This allows little ones to learn and tell the story through the pictures. A little boy gets into the bathtub with his dinosaur toy and then another dinosaur pops out of the water...and then more keep coming and getting bigger each time.

In this sweet tale, a dinosaur family is waiting and waiting for an egg to hatch. It finally does and out pops a tiny dinosaur. The dinosaur never grows any bigger. He is left out of all the things the big dinosaurs do. One day his family gets stuck in the mud and it is up to the littlest dinosaur to rescue them.

This is a book based on a children's song. Even if your children aren't familiar with the song, they will learn the repeating parts and the illustrations are super cute.

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