Robot Books for Kids

This week we are focusing on a robot mini unit.  Like with all units, I love starting with a big pile of books!!  We read these books before bed or before an activity if it is relevant.  Robots are kind of out of the box for my girly girls but they loved reading and learning more about robots.  This was a fun topic because we could read both fiction and non-fiction books.  Here are 10 of our favorites.
Fun robot books for kids

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In this easy reader, the little boy shows off his robot Cecil and everything that he is good at but none of those things are the best  thing that he does.  The best thing his robot does is to be his friend.  Such a sweet message!

This is a cute story that plays on the bedtime delays that kids often make, but this time it isn't the boy who can't get to sleep but his three robots.  He tries and tries to get them to sleep and finally he is so worn out that he falls asleep before his robots.

In this book, Sam loves robots and is convinced they are from another planet.  Nobody believes him except his robot Franky.  They get the chance to prove everyone wrong.  This book is full of speech bubbles, which would be a fun literary focus for young writers.

This funny story is mostly told through the pictures.  The two robots keep trying to one up each other with their costumes.  My girls thought this book was hilarious!  The teacher in me loved that the illustrations are all made out of basic shapes so it could be a fun book for a math lesson.

This funny story is about a "fierce" robot who is ready to conquer Earth but he is actually in someone's kitchen battling the appliances and makes his way to the backyard where he battles the family dog.  He falls in love with a toy cell phone along the way.  

This is an easy reader book that is all about everyone's reason for wanting a robot - to have it clean up the mess.  But in this book, it makes an even bigger mess.  

I loved this series of books because they are non-fiction but the text is shorter and appropriate for younger students.  Many non-fiction robot books end up being so in depth and technical but this makes the information appropriate for kids.  This one focuses on robots in space, rovers, probes and robots that help astronauts.

Another in this non-fiction series, this book focuses on helper robots that do dangerous jobs and go places that humans can't go.  There was also a focus on robots that help the environment.  Again, short text with just a few sentences on each page.

This non-fiction text focuses on robots at home such as housework robots like vacuums, personal robots and toy robots.  Easy text with only a few sentences on each page makes this great for young learners.  

Kids are going to LOVE This book.  It is about a boy who wants to be a robot so he follows a recipe and turns into a robot and then turns his parent and his dog.  By the end of the book you flip the pages and the book turns into a robot.

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