Posters and Projects Made Easy with Kwik Stix

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It is no secret that we love Kwik Stix around here. These tempera paint stick are so easy to use and create minimal mess.  I gladly let my 3 and 4 year old use them whenever they want to paint. It is like using a glue stick - but paint!  We explored the classic set, and then the neon set and finally our favorites, the metallic set.  While I love these paint sets, they are better for bigger pictures as you can't get much precision with something the thickness of a glue stick.  So imagine my surprise and excitement when Kwik Stix wanted me to review their new Thin Stix.   
Make eye catching anchor charts, posters, projects and more with super quick drying tempera paint.

I couldn't love the thin version any more than I do.  Now we can have more precision for writing words and smaller details than we could with the original stix.  If you want to paint a large area, stick with the original Kwik Stix because they will cover a bigger area faster.  But, if you need to make a poster, the Thins are the way to go.

Make eye catching anchor charts, posters, projects and more with super quick drying tempera paint.
Teacher friends - say goodbye to boring anchor charts. And hello to colors that pop, paint that glides on and dries fast.  Kwik Stix Thins would be perfect for setting up anchor charts ahead of time - the title, relevant pictures, graphic organizers, etc. Then when you are filling them in with your students, use your normal favorite anchor chart markers (mine are Mr. Sketch) to write the words. I kept calling these markers, because you forget that it is actually paint since it dries so fast. These are perfect for making a bright and bold anchor chart, poster, classroom decor and more.

These are also perfect for those last minute projects in the classroom and at home with your own children when they suddenly remember the night before that they have a poster due for school!  Because these dry so quickly, they are perfect for those last minute situations when you need a bright eye catching poster, but you don't have time to wait for paint to dry. My daughter is currently into bones and wanted to trace me and draw in my bones. Kwix Stix Thins were perfect for that!  Quick and each project that made her happy.

Make eye catching anchor charts, posters, projects and more with super quick drying tempera paint.
She also wanted to surprise me with something she was making.  She wanted the paint sticks but wouldn't let me into the room. She had her dad help her with the assembly but later that night thanks to Kwik Stix Thins, washi tape, construction paper and creativity, she presented me with this adorable flower pot.  Quick and easy and she could do it all by herself with no mess.

There are several different options if you are looking for Kwik Stix Thins for your home or classroom.

Or save money and get the 24 pack that includes classic, neon and metallic colors.

Either way you won't be sorry and you will be wishing you had these on your shelf for those last minute projects and posters sooner!  Happy Creating!!