Cinderella Videos on YouTube

Comparing versions of Cinderella is one of my favorite ways to teach text to text connections in the classroom.  Digging into different versions of the same story allows students to analyze the differences and similarities in characters, setting, problem, solution and more.  Sharing picture books is one of my favorite ways to do this (check out my Ten Favorite Versions of Cinderella), but sometimes you can't get your hands on the version you want.  Enter YouTube!!  There are several different versions of Cinderella read aloud on YouTube that you can share with your students for free.  Check out a few of the options below!  

Check out YouTube for a variety of versions of Cinderella read aloud. Here is a list of 10 different versions.  I think Number 9 is my favorite!

 What is your favorite Cinderella version?  Did you find a new version that you can share with your students on YouTube instead of reading it to them?

Looking for more resources?  Try my FREE graphic organizers for comparing different versions of Cinderella.