Classroom Decor Ideas That Won't Break the Bank

10 great ideas to decorate your classroom and save money.  Having a cute classroom doesn't have to be expensive.  Some fun ways to DIY your classroom decor.

There are so many ways to decorate your classroom but it can get  Pinterest has been an amazing tool to share ideas but it makes it even harder because you want to have this perfect Pinterest classroom, but how do you do that on a budget?  I've rounded up some ideas for you that can help decorate your classroom, without breaking the bank.

I love, love, love the bright colors of this bulletin board.  All it takes is some paper and clothespins and you've got yourself a bright bulletin board that can be left up all year (bonus) and a cute way to display student work.

Need a word wall but don't have the space? A small interactive word wall can do the trick! All you need is a small bulletin board, 3M hooks, binder rings and a set of words and you have a cute but functional space.

Do you love the look of fun letters but you don't want to spend the money at the teacher store?  Try this!  Scrapbook paper and your favorite fonts!  Cut out and laminate and you've got yourself cute bulletin board headings, hallway displays and more.

Using student names can be a fun way to bring color to your room.  It just takes paper and some chalk.  The best part is you do it with the kids during the first week of school, which means one less thing for you to set up in your classroom before school starts.

Do you have anything you need to hide? You know that table that has "stuff" under it and you can't stand to look at it yet there is no where else for it to go? Try this easy no sew table skirt as a way to hide things and decorate at the same time. Grab cheap fabric, buy on sale and with coupons and use your teacher discount when possible to save even more money.

An easy way to brighten your classroom and give it a uniformed look is to spray paint some of your plastic organization bins.  I like that this tutorial gives you tips on using spray paint so you don't run into the same mistakes.

I love this bench tutorial.  It is an inexpensive way to get seating and storage along with some cute decor for the classroom.

Do desk nameplates drive you nuts?  Or maybe you just want to save money and not buy them.  Try this idea of using a paint marker instead.

This birthday chair is a cute and inexpensive way to make your students' birthdays special.

Have you seen the cute paper flower trend that teachers are using on their bulletin boards and as classroom decor?  This tutorial gives you step by step directions for making different types of tissue paper flowers.

Looking for other classroom decor ideas? Check out my Pinterest Board for Classroom Decor ideas.