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Today I'm not just going to give away one product but EIGHT products in one big bundle.  This is my year long bingo bundle.  Bingo is fun to play during classroom parties but you can really use it all year long.  We loved playing bingo during our Halloween and Christmas parties.  It was a good time filler when the kids were bouncing off the walls, but it took time to get ready.  We'd put words up on the board and students would fill their boards with the words so each board was different.  Now, you don't need to do that.  I've done the work for you.  Each bingo game comes with 30 different boards in full color and in black and white if you want to save ink.  There are also directions and teacher calling cards included.  Here is a look at the editions that are included in this bundle.

Back to school bingo is a perfect activity for the first week of school. A great way to break the ice and get familiar with common school supplies and where they are located in the classroom.
 Back to school bingo is great for those first few days of school where time seems to drag on and you don't have your routines and procedures in place yet.  This is a great way to talk about different school supplies and even share where they are kept in your classroom.
Printable Halloween bingo is so easy to print and play in the classroom with your students in October or at your Halloween party. 30 different cards in color and black and white make it so easy to prep.

 You've done the costume parade.  You've got a class full of sugared up goblins who need to be entertained and kept calm until the end of the day.  Sound familiar?  I've got you covered.  Halloween bingo to the rescue!
Printable Thanksgiving bingo is so easy to print and play in the classroom with your students before Thanksgiving break.  You can also use it at home with your family for some Thanksgiving fun!  30 different cards in color and black and white make it so easy to prep.
 We always had the day before Thanksgiving off which meant a two day week.  Two days?  What are you going to do with that?  Plus, it was usually right after conferences and the marking period.  Perfect time to spend a few days doing Thanksgiving related activities and Thanksgiving bingo.

Have a blast at your Christmas party with Christmas Bingo. Perfect for kids! These printable cards include 30 different game boards so just print and play with your large group.

Just keep calm and make it until winter break.  Gifts for parents, finishing up units, a holiday party, reading The Polar Express...all the last week before Christmas break.  Spend some time playing Christmas bingo to keep your students excited but engaged.
Valentine's Day Bingo is ideal for students to play at school parties.  It comes with 30 different boards so you can quickly print and play.
 Valentine's Bingo is the perfect game to play after you've exchanged valentines and your little sweeties are begging to eat all the candy they just got from their classmates.
Need a fun activity for your little leprechauns to play on St. Patrick's Day?  Bingo is perfect for that!  With 30 different boards in color and black and white, it is perfect to print and play.
 Use St. Patrick's Day Bingo to help teach your class about the holiday and bring a little green fun to the day!
Easter bingo printable cards make an easy print and go activity for the classroom.  30 different cards to choose from so that everyone has a unique board.
 Easter bingo is actually perfect for any time in the spring.  You can use it leading up to Easter/spring break.
Need a little summer fun for kids?  How about summer bingo?  Perfect for the end of the school year or during the summer.  It includes 30 different boards in color and black and white.  Just print and play!
The countdown is on to the end of the year and you are doing everything you can to keep your kiddos engaged while mentally making lists of everything you need to take down, pack, move, file before you can leave for the summer.  Have some fun with summer bingo!

All of these bingo games include a label underneath each picture, which make it a great learning tool for English language learners.
Bingo cards for the whole year!  Includes 8 different sets - Back to School, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter and Summer.  Play and have fun all year long with these quick and easy to use printables.

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  1. LOVE me some bingo. Someone will start the school year all set!