Giant Games Using Shower Curtains

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Have you ever wanted a big game that gets your students up and moving?  I've got an easy solution for you - shower curtains!  Just check the dollar store or home store for a shower curtain liner.  Cheap and easy.  I found mine at Meijer for $3.  They come in multiple colors but I chose white.  My package said 70x72" vinyl magnetic liner.  To paint on it, I decided to use my new set of neon Kwik Stix.  If you haven't heard about Kwik Stix yet, they are amazing tempera paint sticks.  Imagine painting with a glue stick - no paintbrush, no water, no mess.  They are so easy!  You can read more about them HERE.  When The Pencil Grip company offered to send me a neon set to try out, I knew I had to use them for this project.

I created a shower curtain mat for my religious education students with a giant rosary on it.  This allowed them to walk around the rosary as they prayed.

DIY Walkable Rosary for Children to help kids learn to pray

To create this, I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the circles on random cardstock.  I just guessed a size, cut out the right amount of beads and then set them out all over the shower curtain.  I moved them around until I got them all to fit and look okay.  I traced them with a pencil first.
 Then I went back and painted them with the neon Kwik Stix.  Normally, these paints dry in 90 seconds.  Because it was on vinyl, I tested it out first to make sure it would dry.  It took a little longer to get it to dry completely (like give it several minutes) but that gives you a chance to fix any mistakes.  I went outside the line I few times and I just gently rubbed with my finger before the paint dried and the paint rubbed right off.  I liked that the paint on the plastic gave it almost a watercolored look.

My students loved using it!  I noticed that the paint started to rub off a little bit if the students were too rough with it.
A little wear and tear on my walkable rosary with Kwik Stix on vinyl but could easily be fixed by using pointers instead of stepping on the paint.

I also made an alphabet version for my girls.  I wrote upper and lowercase letters all over it in all different sizes and colors.  First, I wrote small letters with sharpie.  Then I used the Kwik Stix for the next two sets of big letters.  I probably didn't pick the best colors for photographing, but I wanted to try all the colors out.  After writing with a sharpie and the paint sticks, I've learned that the sharpie will probably be more permanent but the paint will give you a bold thick line in a shorter amount of time.  So I guess it depends on what you are creating, how you plan to use it, how much you need to fit on the space, etc.
Create learning games on giant shower curtains with these easy directions and ideas. Perfect for ABCs, numbers, sight words, math problems and more.

Quick and easy with a glowing neon look!  Now the possibilities are endless.  I can call a letter and have them find it with a pointer.  I could also call a letter and have them find and stand on the letter.
We could pull out beanbags and have them toss it to a letter and identify the letter it lands on.  Or if we want to work on upper and lowercase letters we could toss the bean bag and try to find the matching letters.

Shower curtain activities could be something they actually step/hop on or they could toss beanbags or even use pointers to find the answers.  The possibilities are endless for what you could put on a shower curtain.

Ideas for Shower Curtain Games
-Alphabet  - letter identification, upper and lowercase match
-Numbers - number identification
-Sight words
-Addition problems (could put the problems on there or the answers)
-Subtraction problems
-Multiplication problems
-Division problems
-Vocabulary words
-Large diagrams - label the parts
-Parts of speech

What would you put on a shower curtain game for your students?  Do you want to try to make your own with a set of Kwik Stix?  I'm giving away a set of neon and primary Kwik Stix to one lucky reader.  Just enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway If you are looking for more inspiration for using this super easy and fast paint system, check out their Pinterest boards for more ideas.  There are several different versions of the Kwik Stix on Amazon. They have Primary colors, Neons and Metalix.  How fun does the Metalix version look??