Catholic Schools Week Ideas

Catholic Schools Week is fast approaching and this is the perfect time to celebrate Catholic education in the United States.  Each school celebrates differently but there are often open houses, Masses, and whole school celebrations.  

I've got some ideas to help you decorate and celebrate Catholic Schools Week in your classroom. 

How are you celebrating Catholic Schools Week where you teach?

Catholic Schools Week Bulletin Board

Catholic Schools Week Printable Bulletin Board

Decorate your hallway with a bright and colorful bulletin board that shares all the reasons your students love their school. This is perfect to celebrate the week, but also good if you give tours during Catholic Schools Week. Potential families can read about your school through your students' eyes.

I've made it easy and included everything you need. Just print out the title, banner, heart, and school. Then cut them out and put them on your board. Next, print out the student writing sheets. Have the students write and draw and staple those to your board. 

CSW Theme Day Ideas

During Catholic Schools Week, many schools have different dress days. It is sort of like a spirit week. Yes, it adds to the crazy anytime kids are dressed out of the ordinary. But if you are planning for these type of ideas and looking for something new, check out this list I compiled from Catholic schools around the country.

Dress for your future career
Schools colors
Favorite decade
Book Character Day
Favorite Saint
MisMatched Dress Day
Sports Team (Souper Bowl day - bring soup to donate to a food bank)
Twin Day
Dress in favorite liturgical color
Lumberjack/flannel day
Pajama day
Fun sock day
Crazy hair day
Denim day
Safari Day
School spirit day
Class color day
Catholic schools day (including colleges)
Community Helper dress up
Priest or nun day
Dress like a food (then bring that food to donate to a food bank)
Hat day
Dress like your teacher
Neon day
Wear your teacher's favorite color
Superhero day
Wacky Wednesday
Historical figure
Zoo day (dress like a favorite animal)
Dress to impress

Catholic Schools Week Bingo

Catholic Schools Week Bingo

Do you play all school bingo as part of Catholic Schools Week? Check out this version that was made just for this special week. 

Each square contains a Catholic Schools Week related picture with label, which makes this perfect for practicing vocabulary and remembering what exactly we celebrate this week. 

Words included: uniforms, nation, students, parish, Mass, faith, vocations, prayer, priest, teachers, dress down, family, alumni, service, open house, church, volunteer, parents, community, education, school, grandparents, staff, friends

There are 30 different boards included in color and black and white, plus the teacher calling cards.

Catholic Saint Bingo

Catholic saints bingo bundle

Another idea for all school bingo or even just bingo in each class is Catholic Saint Bingo. I have three different versions:
Catholic Saint Bingo (25 squares) and two version of Catholic Saint Junior Bingo that only has 16 squares and is a little easier. All of my bingo games include basic facts about each saint. 

With my Catholic Saint Bingo Bundle you can get all three versions to play. This is an amazing deal because you can use these games all year, not just during CSW.

There are 30 different boards included in color and black and white, plus the teacher calling cards.

Catholic Schools Week Service Projects

Another popular activity during this week is to plan a whole school service project. Some schools do the same thing each year. Some try to honor different members of the community. Some try different activities each year. Here is a list of ideas of service projects you could try:

  1. Collect food for a local foody pantry
  2. Penny Wars (which class brings in the most change) and donate the money
  3. Souper Bowl - collect canned soup to donate
  4. Make sandwiches/lunches for a local shelter
  5. Create hygiene bags/blessing bags for the homeless
  6. Have a baby shower and bring new baby items to donate to a pregnancy center
  7. Make placemats for a soup kitchen
  8. Thank you notes stuffed in the church bulletin
  9. Park clean up
  10. Collect items for an animal shelter
  11. Hat/glove collection
  12. Make no sew fleece blankets to donate to a hospital or shelter
  13. Making  Cards
    • Parents
    • Grandparents
    • Nursing Home
    • Community helpers
    • First responders
    • Priests
    • Teachers/Staff

Catholic Schools Week Thank You Notes

Thank you notes to celebrate Catholic Schools Week

Let me make number 13 on the list above even easier for you. How about some print and go thank you notes? I've created 4 different versions of these thank you notes so that the youngest students can just color and the oldest students can compose letters on a blank page with no lines. Handwriting lines are included for students in between.

I have 19 different people/groups included. 
Includes thank you notes for the following:
  • Students
  • Parish
  • Alumni
  • Community
  • Donors
  • Supporters
  • Faculty
  • Deacons
  • Religious Brothers
  • Religious Sisters
  • Priests
  • Leaders
  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Families
  • Teachers
  • Staff
  • Volunteers
  • For Your Vocation

Catholic Schools Week Bundle

Catholic Schools Week Activities money saving bundle

To make things easier and save you some money, I took CSW Bingo, CSW Bulletin Board, CSW Thank You Notes and the CSW Reward Tags and made them into a bundle. I discounted it so you save money by purchasing all of these items together.

Catholic Schools Week Reward Tags

Free Catholic Schools Week reward tags

Do you use reward tags in your classroom? Sometimes referred to as brag tags. If you do, I have a special set that is just for this week. 

This set includes 5 tags in color. The following tags are included:

  • Catholic Schools Week (with a school)
  • Catholic Schools Week (with a church)
  • I Love Catholic Schools
  • I Love My School (with a girl)
  • I Love My School (with a boy)

Tags are about 1 1/2" x 2"

To download, just enter your name and email address in the boxes below and these will be emailed directly to you.

Does that help your Catholic Schools Week planning? Hopefully you got some new ideas that you can share with your school to help celebrate everything we love about Catholic schools!