What are you teaching in December?

It is almost December!  Ahh!  What happened to fall?  I have to admit, I am super excited for Christmas and ready to start decorating.  There is something about having kids that makes this time of year even more magical.

Let's talk about your classroom in December.  Are you ready?  Trying to keep your students learning and focused with the craziness and anticipation of Christmas and vacation.  It is hard to do.  I've got a few products to make your life a little easier...Christmas themed educational activities so that they are learning but can still be excited about Christmas.

Christmas Task Cards

First up, task cards!  These are easy to use and have so many possibilities.  You can tape them up (with fun washi tape of course) around the room and have students work their way around the room solving the problems and writing their answers on the recording sheet provided.  You could also set them out at a math (or literacy) center and have small groups work on them a few at a time.

My Christmas math task cards are designed for second grade and focus on: Expanded form, word form, place value, skip counting, addition and subtraction story problems, even & odd numbers, mental math with addition and subtraction up to 20, double digit addition and subtraction (no regrouping), time, and money.
Christmas math task cards are SO fun for reviewing a variety of topics. From place value, to time and money, to addition and subtraction, to story problems all with a fun Christmas theme! Designed for second grade but could work for third grade too!

 My Christmas ELA/literacy task cards focus on punctuation, long/short vowels, contractions, adjectives/adverbs, and plural nouns.  Both sets come in color and black and white and include a student recording sheet and answer key.  There are 32 cards total in each set with a Christmas theme. 
Christmas themed task cards that practice a variety of ELA skills. Review a variety of language arts and literacy topics for second or third grade with these cards. Punctuation, vowels, contractions, parts of speech and more!

Christmas Bingo

Next up is Christmas Bingo.  This is perfect for a holiday party or to use on the last day before break.  It is also a great way to practice Christmas vocabulary words.  This comes in color and in black and white and includes 30 different game boards so you can just print and use and it will naturally stagger the winners.  You can use anything from math manipulatives, to Christmas erasers to scraps of paper to cover each square.
Christmas bingo is the perfect printable fun for a large group. With 30 different game boards in black and white and color, you can easily print and play with a large group. This is great for kids during a holiday party.

Also, depending on the school you teach in and the makeup of your classroom, you could try Christmas Nativity Bingo or Holiday Celebrations Bingo.

Christmas Nativity Bingo is perfect to retell the story of the birth of Jesus. This is a great way to practice vocabulary such as Bethlehem, frankincense, and manger. This is a junior version of bingo so there are only 16 squares on the game board to make it less overwhelming for younger students.
Christmas Nativity Bingo is awesome for kids in a Christian school, Catholic school, Sunday school, church, or homeschool setting. Retell the birth of Jesus with this fun game! Comes in color and black and white plus 30 different boards so you can just print and play and it will be perfect for a large group.

Holiday celebrations bingo is also a junior version with only 16 squares on each board. This game includes pictures and key vocabulary for Christmas (secular and religious), winter, Kwanzaa, Diwali, and Hanukkah. There is also a sheet with details about each holiday to help teach the students while they play the game. Perfect for the teacher or to print out for a parent to use at a holiday party.

Holiday Celebrations Bingo includes pictures with words for winter holidays including Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Diwali and winter.A class set of games boards is included in color and black and white. Each board is different which makes this perfect to print and play! Perfect for your classroom holiday party!

Christmas Math Games

Finally, we have some math games that would be perfect for math centers.  I love these because you don't need dice and the spinner is right on the board.  You just need a pencil and a paperclip to use as a spinner.

The games are designed for two players and each player needs 10 counters/markers to cover their squares.

In Christmas Spin and Multiply Bump, players spin the spinner and multiply the number they land on by the number in the bottom right corner.  They cover their answer.  If the other person has a piece on that square they can BUMP them off.  If they land on the same answer twice, they can lock it which means they can't be bumped. The first person to use all 10 of their counters is the winner.  This comes in color and black and white and has a different game board for numbers 1-10 so you can easily differentiate which facts your students practice.
Fun ideas for teaching math and literacy in the elementary classroom in December.

I also have a Christmas Spin and Add Bump.  You play the exact same way, but students practice adding instead of multiplying. 
Fun ideas for teaching math and literacy in the elementary classroom in December.

You can click the links in this post to get more information about each of these products or click HERE to find all of my Christmas products.  Hopefully, they will save you some time and some sanity this December.