Fall Nature Walk

Cute fall nature scavenger hunt for preschoolers.

This weather in Michigan this fall has been AMAZING.  It has been much warmer and there has been less rain than years past.  The warm weather seems to be extending the fall color which has just been awesome.  We've been trying to get out as much as possible to play and take walks, knowing the snow is coming eventually.

I put together a quick nature scavenger hunt for K after seeing how much she liked the color one.  One day we just wandered through our neighborhood getting exercise and looking for items on her checklist.  It was so nice to wander at their pace (versus my quick trying to get lots of steps pace) and explore.
(How cute is that mini clip board?  The paper is half of a standard size piece of paper)

The best part was when K was desperately searching for a pumpkin.  While the paths in our neighborhood takes us through wooded areas and down to our beach, they do not go through pumpkin patches.  She was convinced she was going to find a pumpkin growing wild.  I was thinking more like on someone's front porch!  It was funny to watch her try to find that pumpkin.

Oh fall....don't go!!!

This nature scavenger hunt is part of my Fall Preschool & Kindergarten Activities
It includes:
  • Letter and Number Identification (A-D, 1-5)
  • Cutting and Tracing Practice
  • Playdough/Finger tracing mats
  • Letter and Number cards (A-D, 1-5)
  • Clothespin Math (numbers 1-5)
  • Patterns (focus on AB patterns)
  • Tens Frame Match Game
  • Nature Scavenger Hunt
  • Picture Puzzles (practice sequencing numbers 1-5 and letters A-E)
  • Pom Pom Pictures
  • Q-tip (cotton swab) painting