Color and Shape: Scavenger Hunt

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Reviewing colors?  Try a color scavenger hunt around your house, school or neighborhood.  So fun for kids!

 One of my daughter's favorite color activities that we did during our color and shape unit was the scavenger hunt.  I made a checklist of all the colors she needed to find.  I showed her how to find a color and then make an x in the box.  I added another element of fun by giving her our kid's digital camera.  Just a side girls LOVE this camera.  It is indestructible and designed for kids and you can actually take the pictures off and put them on your computer if you want.  They love walking around telling us to say cheese and pose.  With the camera in hand, I told K to find the color somewhere in our house, take a picture of it and then check it off of the checklist.
 She loved using her camera for this and really didn't have to leave the playroom with all the colors that are there.  Our IKEA rug gave her many of the colors she was searching for.
Ignore the messy playroom and crazy hair on my princess loving girl

A few days later she asked to do this again and wanted to wipe off the checks she made on the first sheet.  I decided to print and laminate a new checklist so she can do this activity over and over.

I also created a shape search for her and we followed the same procedure.  This was tricky for her.  It wasn't as easy for her to see shapes in the things around her.  I pointed out a few rectangles that I could see and then she started to get the idea.  She asked me if it would be dark soon so she could go outside and take a picture of the sky because there were stars there she could check off her list.  Love the things little ones say!!!

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